Shattering Shame: A Mindset Reset to Overcome Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania, Nail Biting

Shattering Shame: A Mindset Reset to Overcome Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania, Nail Biting

Feeling ashamed of hair pulling, skin picking or nail biting?

You are not alone.

I've felt it too & it’s why I hid for more than 25 years.

In this 2021 TLC BFRBCon session HabitAware Co-founder & President, Aneela Idnani, and HabitAware Director of Awareness, Ellen Crupi, break down why we feel shame, explain how it manifests and share ways to shatter shame.

By facing shame, we can shift perception and open the door to recovery. You don’t need to make a change today, just listen & plant the seed of hope!

Keen2 is your Awareness & Response Training Coach!

Keen2's base app delivers on Basic Awareness Training by allowing you to record your specific behavior(s), up to 4, on to the bracelet. When Keen2 senses the recorded movement, it sends a vibration as your reminder to acknowledge the behavior and respond with a healthier intention. With practice you can retrain your brain with this methodology:

HabitAware-Keen 2-How  Keen Works to Stop Trichotillomania Dermatillomania

Remember, we’re here for you. Keen2 can guide you step by step, to Retrain Your Brain. This system will also give you the chance to practice, practice, practice until these new skills become your go-to replacements for your current unwanted hair pulling, skin picking or nail biting. And if you ever need help, we are just an email away.

So, are YOU "Keen2" reverse your unwanted behavior?


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