Giving Program Recipients

Keen Giving Program Recipients

Samantha C.

"Hi, I'm Samantha. I am 12-1/2 and started pulling my eyelashes when I was 6 years old. At first everyone thought it was just a bad habit.  By 7 all of my lashes were gone, and at 8 I started pulling out my eyebrows. I've basically had a naked face for over 6 years. At 11, in November 2015, I began pulling out my hair, and by May of 2016, I shaved what was left of my hair. I'm hopeful that Keen will alert me when I'm zoning out pulling, and alert my parents of the patterns of when I'm pulling. So we can substitute with an alternative and more positive behavior."

Sarah P. 

Sarah raises BFRB awareness by competing in beauty pageants bald to share her story with trichotillomania with thousands of people. We're proud to support her amazing work to raise mental health awareness and end the stigma!


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