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Keen Works for Skin Picking

Keen is Backed by Users & Experts:

I honestly had no idea how many times I was touching my face a day! I did not realize how subconscious this habit is. Keen has given me a very much needed sense of control. I am really happy to have this awareness that I thought wasn’t possible. Honestly I had about given up hope of quitting skin picking (dermatillomania) until Keen.
— Hannah M.
The Keen bracelet and its app are easy to set up. ...having awareness of your picking, pulling or biting behaviors can help you to better manage them. A nice bonus with the bracelet is many think it’s just a fitness tracker, so no one has to know what it’s really for.
— Laura B.
I’ve been suffering from skin picking (dermatillomania) for as long as I can remember. Other skin treatments have just not worked for me. I’m finding Keen so helpful and so far have picked not at all since having the bracelet. It’s changed my life. I feel like I am in control rather than being controlled my skin picking!
— Adam F.
This technology is a breakthrough. Many professionals have dreamed of having this type of awareness bracelet for years to help people with skin picking (dermatillomania, or excoriation disorder) and other body focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs).
— Dr. Carol Novak, MD
Sizing Guide

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