Love, Strength, & Awareness Course


Hi, I'm Aneela Idnani, co-founder of HabitAware in trichotillomania recovery. I'll be your Peer Coach for this course, guiding you through Love, Strength, & Awareness!

I'll be telling my trichotillomania story during the course of this course, so what I'll share right now is simply this: 

I am committed to your recovery from hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting. 

I believe deeply in the methodology we've created as a way to encourage your focus on the solutions, instead of the problems in our lives. 

I want to support your rise above the chaos in your life by sharing the power of  Love, Strength, & Awareness. 

But I can't do it for you. 

YOU need to commit to yourself today and everyday:

  •  to show up for YOU,
  • to believe in YOU,
  • to trust in YOU.

YOU have the power within you. 

I just want to help you bring it out with Love, Strength, & Awareness.

What is Love, Strength, and Awareness?  

Love, Strength, & Awareness is more than a tagline, it is the HabitAware Methodology for taking back control from unwanted hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting.

This video series is designed for anyone with a Body Focused Repetitive Behavior, regardless of if you have HabitAware Keen or Keen2 (though, these do play an integral role in building your awareness).

In these 10 lessons, I'll walk you through Love, Strength, & Awareness and provides the necessary tools, resources and strategies you need to retrain your brain away from hair pulling, skin picking, and nail biting:

  • Learn why Mindset matters

  • Learn how to implement "Love, Strength, & Awareness" in your daily life

  • Learn how to train Keen/Keen2 to deliver that first step, Awareness!

  • Learn how to choose replacement strategies that work for you.

  • and more!

READY!? Let's get started!  

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Lesson 1 - Getting Started

First, download the worksheet.

Before you start with the first video below, please be sure to download this worksheet. Complete each lesson section after watching the video that goes with it! 

Download the Worksheet

Optional: Download the video transcripts.

Next, find out the goal of the Love, Strength & Awareness series:

Link mentioned in video:

Lesson 2 - Understanding Our Story

To move forward, it is important to understand our current relationship with our hair pulling, skin picking, or nail biting. 

Take this time to hear my story, and to think about, and write down, yours.

Lesson 3 - The Purpose BFRBs Serve

BFRBs like hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting, serve a's how we can use them to our advantage! 

Lesson 4 - Living with Love, Strength, and Awareness

Our methodology ask you to do one not-so-simple thing! But I promise, the more you do so, the easier it becomes!

Lesson 5 - Using The Clues

When you "Use the Clues" you can identify the right - and best - healthier replacement strategy for you in the moment. Here's how!

Lesson 6 - Language Matters

Our words have power - whether we speak them or think them, our language influences our feelings and our actions. 

So why not use our words to drive us to healthy action!?

Lesson 7 - Training Keen/Keen2 & Understanding False Alarms

Training is a crucial step to creating an accurate gesture recording. This is a high level summary of how to train your HabitAware Keen or Keen2 smart bracelet.

If you still need help, we are here for you!

Just visit our training wiki at, or just email us at to schedule a free 1:1 video training appointment.


Lesson 8 - Seeking Support

Recovery does not have to be a lonely journey. You have us here in community AND you can benefit from the support from loved ones - especially when they are equipped with HOW to support you!

Lesson 9 - Lifestyle Change

"Changing your life" can seem like a daunting, unachievable milestone. 

But when we break down the steps and focus on specific actions and small daily routines, then changing your life becomes rewarding.

Links mentioned: 

Email for help:

Lesson 10 - We're here for you.

We are dedicated to supporting you because we’ve been there

We also offer 1:1 peer video coaching where we can personally guide you through shifting your mindset, practicing healthy strategies and creating your personal roadmap to recovery. 

So If you want a friend on this journey, join us 1:1 by booking now at!

Note: Our one-to-one peer-based coaching program is not a substitute for professional treatment or medical advice. Peer coaching calls are non-refundable and subject to our medical disclaimer.