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We are taking on mental health disorders. Join us.

Meet us at Eureka Park CES Booth 53042, or click here to arrange time at your convenience.

We want to partner with distributors and hope to meet journalists interested in health to help us raising mental health awareness.

For 20 lonely years, I hid my hair pulling disorder in shame & embarrassment. 


Keen by HabitAware is the world's first smart awareness trainer and subconscious behavior tracker.

Our patented custom gesture detection technology helps manage mental health disorders that significantly impact the lives of 30 Million Americans.

How to Take Control with Keen

train keen

Use our iOS or Android app to train Keen to look out for your specific behavior and movement.

get notified

Keen vibrates when your custom gesture is detected, waking you up!

take action

Once aware, you can make a new choice & move your hand away.

 regain control

Over time, your brain is retrained away from the unwanted behavior.

Want to change the conversation around mental health?  Let's chat.

Meet us at Eureka Park CES Booth 53042, or click to arrange time at your convenience.
We are currently seeking partners in distribution and PR.

Sizing Guide

Not sure which size is right for you?

It's important that Keen fits snugly. Here's a quick guide to help you decide which bracelet size to order:

(images not to scale)

Ready for "Keen" Awareness?

Our 3-min email shares 1 actionable tip weekly to help you manage your hair pulling, nail biting or skin picking & CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.