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How to Setup your HabitAware Keen2 Bracelet

Learn about the trichotillomania and dermatillomania awareness bracelet, Keen2 by HabitAware


The habit-tracking, habit-breaking, awareness bracelet for trichotillomania and dermatillomania.

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Step 1. Prepare Keen2

  • Connect the Keen2 charging base to a power source, like your computer or a wall adapter. Make sure the three dots on the inside of Keen2 line up with the three pins on the Keen2 Charger Base. You will feel a slight magnetic pull to align them.


    Keen2 should fully charge in two to three hours. If your Keen2 has the latest firmware out-of-the-box, the time & date will show as Jan 01 12:00am until the bracelet is connected to the app during the "Record Gesture" process. The battery icon on the top corner of Keen2 will also indicate that it is full.


    If your Keen2 needs a firmware update (very likely!), the time & date will not show at all, but you will know it is charging if you take it off the charger and the time shows as Jan 01 12:00am, or if you push the button and feel a vibration.


    Keen2’s battery life is approximately two days, with active use. We recommend charging Keen2 each night so it’s ready to help you become aware each day. 


    Charge your phone, charge Keen2. Get in the habit of charging Keen2 every night! In the morning when you grab your phone, put on your Keen2!

Step 2. Prepare Your Phone

  • Download HabitAware Keen2's training & tracking app, "Keen2" from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can also find Keen2’s app on the Apple App Store or Google Play store by searching for “Keen2” or "HabitAware." Be sure to search for and download the "Keen2" app, not "Keen." Look for this purple app icon:
    HabitAware Keen2 App Icon

  • After opening the app, create an account and login.


    After logging in, you may get some phone system notifications to make sure Bluetooth is ON, Push Notifications are ON.

  • If you are on an Android device, turn ON Bluetooth and GPS, and Allow "Location Services" (which oddly enough includes the Bluetooth permissions!). Bluetooth is how the app and bracelet communicate with one another. Also note, if you are on Android, you DO NOT NEED TO "PAIR" the bracelet via Bluetooth settings.

  • You can set up and sync Keen2 with select mobile devices that support Bluetooth 4.2 or above technology. Here are the compatibility requirements:

    * Apple / iOS devices require running a minimum of iOS version 13.0.
    * Android devices require models running a minimum of Android version 6.0 (Marshmallow).

Step 3. While Keen2 is charging, Prepare Your Mind

  • We know you are excited to get Keen2 set up for your specific scanning motions, but PLEASE start at Get Started!

    You will see that the app is presented as short courses. These courses were designed in collaboration psychologists. By taking time to go through them, you will gain valuable knowledge and insights to shift your mindset and better understand how to use Keen2.

Step 4. Update Keen2 Firmware (if needed) and Record ONE Scanning Motion: The Key step!

  • After opening the "Record Gesture" Course, please wait a few seconds. If your bracelet needs to be updated to the latest firmware, a full-screen pop up will slide up and ask you to "Update the Technology." Please place the bracelet on the charging block and click to update, ensuring the phone and bracelet are close to each other.


    Before training, let's go over a bit more detail of how Keen2 works technically. Keen2 is looking for one single repetitive motion, in a small training area. This one motion that you will want to train for is the SCANNING motion - that thing you do BEFORE you pull. For Keen2 to create an accurate calculation, you need to repeat that ONE scanning motion over and over and keep your hand in a small, localized area. So think about that ONE thing you do before you pick, pull, -- or if nail biting, choose that one first motion of biting.

    If by chance your hand added a slightly different movement - that could affect the accuracy of the calculation being created. Similarly, if the movement is very broad, this larger area can cause the calculation to go awry. As such, do not include the movement of the hand TO the danger zone as that big movement will create an inaccurate calculation.

    So, what we want to train for is a scanning movement that:
    1. has one specific motion
    2. repeated over and over
    3. in a small, localized area

    Now, let's go figure out what your scanning motion is, if you don't know already. Take a look in the mirror of what happens to your hand when it is near your main danger zone. How does the pulling, picking, or biting motion happen? Watch your hands for that first scanning motion. It might be rubbing your eyebrow or eyelash hairs back & forth, or maybe it is tapping on them. For nail biting, it will likely be that first nail in between your teeth. For skin picking, it could be the caressing of a small area of skin - looking for a bump, or other imperfection.

    If you notice that your wrist has very little movement (meaning most of the movement is in the fingers), then try and exaggerate the movement a little bit so we can get some wrist motion.

    If the purple "Record Gesture" circle completes, and doesn't go to the next step, this is a Training Timeout. If this happens, please re-boot the app and bracelet:
    1. Quit the app completely so it’s not running in the background.
    2. Put Keen2 on the charger
    3. Lightly press the band against the charger
    4. Then, with your other finger FIRMLY push the white button on the back of the charger to reset the bracelet.
    5. Re-open the app and navigate to “record gesture” to re-start the training process.

    After training, you can go into Band Settings to adjust the settings, one-by-one, to see if you can get to a sweet spot. Testing for those areas that you were getting false alarms. Stick with this ONE scanning motion for a few days before adding others. The in-app "Adjust Settings Tutorial" video goes into this in detail. See the next step for more details.

    This should help reduce the false alarms, but please remember we aim for 80% accuracy and some random false alarms every now and again should be celebrated as "Yay! My hands are not in my hair/touching my skin/in my mouth right now!"

Step 5. Adjust Keen2: How to Use Detection Settings

  • After training Keen2, press the Keen2 icon in the top left corner of your screen. This will bring up a screen where you nickname your bracelet, and add danger zones. Select the danger zone you wish to adjust. Here, you can nickname the danger zone, too.

    Under vibration settings, you will see different buttons for “intensity” and “duration”. Play around with these options to see what sort of vibration feels comfortable for you.

    Detection Settings is what you want to look at if you’re getting too many false alarms, or not enough true positives. If you’re getting too many false alarms, tighten the Motion Sensitivity and Keen2 will look for a more definite replication of your trained behavior. Widen Motion Sensitivity if you’re not getting enough true positives. This will prompt Keen2 to let you know when you’re performing a wider array of similar motions.

    Detection Settings Screen

    Our recommendation is to lower or heighten Keen2’s motion sensitivity by 1 point at a time. Then, wear it around for a day to see if it should be adjusted further. If the answer is yes, go another 1 point up or down.

    For more details, watch the Keen2 Settings Tutorial:


    You can also delete training, calibrate, and re-train, or reach out to us at support@habitaware.com - we're here to help.

7. Don’t Count "Interventions" or "False Alarms": Push the Button

  • An intervention is when you catch yourself about to engage in the unwanted hair pulling, skin picking or nail biting and Keen2 catches it too (vibrates) BUT you do something else instead. Celebrate the moment by pushing the button on Keen2's bracelet to remove that from your vibration count for the day, and maintain your in-app streak!

  • Keen2 - and nothing in life - is perfect. We aim for 80% accuracy. So, when Keen2 vibrates at a time where you aren’t doing your behavior, this is a false alarm. Just press the button on Keen2’s bracelet to remove that vibration. That way, it won’t be included in the data on your Keen2 app.

    This icon means the vibration has successfully been removed from your daily tally:

8. Training Multiple Areas

  • Keen2 allows you to train up to 4 areas. We suggest you start with one area and get comfortable with how Keen works before adding additional areas. You can manage the areas trained by hitting the Keen2 icon in the top left corner of the app dashboard and selecting "Add a Danger Zone".

  • Find "Add a Danger Zone" under Band Settings

  • When adding another area, we recommend disabling the first trained. Here’s why. If you train one area and then train a second area, it’s best to have area one disabled so you can focus on adjusting the sensitivity for area two. If area one and two are enabled you won’t know which area needs adjusting. Once you have area two adjusted, then turn both areas on. In adding a third area, disable areas one and two, work with the third area and after you are satisfied, enable all three. You can disable a specific area by clicking into it from the “Band Settings” page, and setting the “Detection” switch off.

  • Detection Switch set to OFF

9. Replacing Your BFRB with Keen2

  • There are a variety of replacement strategies built into your Keen2 device. Tap Keen2’s screen to rotate through the options! There’s a step tracker, to encourage you to get up and take a walk when your hands are feeling restless. The screen showing your steps will also have icons of footprints.

    But that’s not the only strategy! We recommend that you create one or more “Pause Packs”, a little bag full of helpful items to carry with you, so that when you catch yourself falling into your BFRB, you have alternatives to keep your hands busy. We recommend putting things like your favorite fidget, hand cream, and a worry stone.

    Remember that there isn’t one right way to replace your behavior. You’ll try different things and learn what works for you! Something might work some days, but not others. It’s good to have options, and be open to trying new strategies.

10. Tips for Parents

  • We believe it's best for your child to start with one trained area so they can get to know themselves and Keen2. As they get used to Keen2, they can add additional trained areas or potentially a second Keen2. In the beginning, their goal is to build their awareness muscles and to learn to make a new choice by replacing the behavior with something more positive. This could be taking three deep breaths, an arm stretch, or a fidget toy. Your child will have to experiment to find what works for them and these may change over time.

    To start, we've included a deep breathing exercise light guide in Keen2 that you may read more about here. Please let your child know it's ok to do their habit a little bit, especially in the beginning. Our founder, Aneela, even still pulls a little bit, but the real win for her is that Trichotillomania doesn't have a hold on her anymore. She's taken control and that's what we hope for your child!

    Your child can also track their behavior by pushing Keen's button when they do their behavior. When Keen syncs back with the app you can look at the data together and start seeing what times of day impact your child the most. This will help you shift the conversation away from "did you do your habit today?" to "let's look at your Keen stats." By reframing it, your child won't feel blame or shame and that too will have a positive effect.

    We have a few blog posts that you may find helpful as well:

    Ask HabitAware: How do I get my child on board with the Keen smart bracelet? 

    Tips for Parents of Pullers & Pickers, featuring Natasha Daniels, Childhood Anxiety Expert

    Guest Post: Parenting 101 - Back to School with BFRBs (like Trichotillomania and Dermatillomania)

    We've also hosted a webinar where we've explored how to best be a supportive parent to a child with a BFRB.

11. My Keen2 isn't connecting

    • Bluetooth Connection Issues: Before starting, make sure your phone's Bluetooth is on. Now, force quit the Keen2 app on your phone (don't just close it). Re-open the app, navigate to the dashboard and click "Refresh Bands" and wait up to five seconds to see the bracelet icon with battery life. If you are still having issues, go to your Phone Settings, scroll to the Keen2 app and make sure you "Allow Keen2 to Access" Bluetooth here as well. 

    • Training Time-Out Issues: If training started but does not complete, please close the "Record Gesture" course. Then, hard close the Keen2 app (make sure it is not running in the background, re-open and try again. If it still times out, hard close the app again and Reboot the Keen2 bracelet per instructions below. Then, re-open the app and try again. If the problem persists, please email us at support@habitaware.com

    • Re-booting the Keen2 bracelet: 
      • 1. Quit the app completely so it’s not running in the background.
      • 2. Put Keen2 on the charger
      • 3. Lightly press the band against the charger
      • 4. Then, with your other finger FIRMLY push the white button on the back of the charger to reset the bracelet.
      • 5. Re-open the app and navigate to “record gesture” to re-start the training process.

    • Factory Reset:  


      1) Navigate to Band Settings in the app (dashboard icon > band icon in the top right)
      2) Scroll on the bracelet page and press the red "Factory Reset" button
      3) Place the bracelet on the charger (should be plugged in)
      4) lightly press the bracelet against the charger
      5) then, with your other finger, FIRMLY push the white button on the back of the charger to reset the bracelet
      6) when you push this button, you should see the bracelet screen flash
      7) then, in the app, affirm the pop ups. This will delete all gesture data information from the bracelet.
      8) then quit the app complete so it is not running in the background
      9) re-open the app to see if the bracelet + app are back in bluetooth communication

  • Force a Device Firmware Update: Put band on charger, hold band button, hold charger button, release charger button, release band button.
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