Teen Talks

BFRB Guidance for Teenagers ages 13-18

BFRBs suck for lots of reasons.

  • Fearing permanent damage.
  • Affecting your social life.
  • Stealing time from stuff you love.
  • Feeling like you don't know what else to turn to.
Let it out in a Teen Talk

You don't have to take on a BFRB alone.

Teen Talks are led by a BFRB Peer Coach who has been there.

A woman is using a laptop with a group of people on it.

Talk through it with people who understand.

Our peer coach helps guide you through a deeper understanding of your BFRB that lays out the groundwork for you to begin to manage it.

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  • Ask an expert questions.

Meet your Peer Coach.

Hey, I'm Jaclyn! I've had trichotillomania since I was 12 years old. As a teenager I felt so alone and misunderstood because of my hair pulling, always wondering what was wrong with me and wishing I could just make it stop. Going to  therapy, using mindfulness tools, and finding communities like HabitAware's BFRB Change Collective helped me to understand that I'm not alone in this healing journey and can help myself. I've learned strategies to feel more in control of my trich instead of feeling like it controls me.  

I'm currently a mental health therapist in private practice where I specialize in trauma and grief work. I'm excited to be leading a monthly BFRB support group as a peer coach for teens where we will explore, share, discover, and hang out.  :)

Sign up for a Teen Talk and stop feeling alone.

  • Bfrf facts and fiction.

    Clarified for your understanding.

  • Your fears calmed.

    By the experience and successes of others.

  • Actionable tools and strategies.

    So that you can begin to make real progress.

  • Best bfr practices.

    Approached in a simple, digestible way.

  • With an experienced HabitAware Peer Coach.

  • Safe and open discussion.

    Because you can enter a Teen Talk with the understanding that we all get the struggle.

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  • "Ellen was really relatable and genuine, which made me feel like I wasn’t alone... She gave me great suggestions that I am excited to try. It’s really important to feel like you’re not alone and that other people understand what you’re going through.


  • "We can't thank all of you, and especially Ellen, enough!... this has been one of the more positive experiences where he really feels he's in charge, he's in control, he's the "pilot" of what happens next. We're sending [our son] off to Junior High feeling so much more excited that he'll feel much better about things."

    –Dawn G.

  • "Ellen was incredible. Amazing coach. My background is healthcare and I have mental health training, and she was so professional and caring- I can't say enough about how... she gave me hope to manage my condition."

    –Allison D.

What is really the cost of a Teen Talk?

Managing a BFRB has its cost. Wigs, makeup, prescription creams, are just a few, but what about the hidden cost to your self-esteem? 

Learn practical skills in Teen Talks that you can apply to more than just your BFRB. These skills extend to your overall mental health, your relationships, and more.

Meet other people who deal with BFRBs. Get to know them for the wonderful people they are, and see yourself as the wonderful person you are. Self-love is priceless!

Keen Bracelets aren't required, but they are recommended!

Teen Talks are not substitutes for medical advice. By booking a Teen Talk, you agree to acknowledging and agreeing to our medical disclaimer.