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Sporty Keen - Black

Sporty Keen - Black

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Keen is your “hug” on the wrist:

  • Build Awareness: Train Keen with the app for your unwanted behavior and its patented technology will make you aware via vibration so you can take control
  • Track Your Patterns: Push Keen’s button to track your behavior and sync to the app to see patterns and progress
  • Ditch the Phone: Keen’s gesture detection tech is right on the bracelet - perfect for parents supporting kids on this journey to awareness
  • Calm the Mind: Push Keen’s button to initiate a deep breathing exercise and learn to replace the behavior in a healthy way
  • Customize to You: Add up to 4 areas, adjust the detection rate, set vibration strength, choose from 6 strap colors.
  • Get Training Help: We know how hard these issues can be and we are here to help. We offer our Keen family (1) FREE technical training call to get set up for success with Keen.

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