We know you can't "just stop."

Hair pulling, skin picking, and nail biting are often subconscious self-soothing mechanisms. These BFRBs (Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors) may provide temporary relief but ultimately don't serve you well.
With our awareness bracelet and behavior change resources you can retrain your brain.

Choose your HabitAware bundle:

Keen2 Bracelet


Keen2 Bracelet
(save $30)

Build awareness and break the unwanted trance on your own. Use the vibration as your reminder to choose healthier strategies.

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Replacement Training Bundle


Keen2 PLUS Behavior Change eCourse
(bundled to save $180)

Learn how to use choose the right soothing strategy for the moment through this short video series.

Mindset Training Bundle


Includes Keen2, HabitAware's Behavior Change eCourse PLUS Virtual Peer BFRB Coaching
(bundled to save $270)

Make a plan of action with three (3) 30 minute strategy sessions, tailored to your healing journey.

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BFRB Freedom starts with "Keen" awareness.

HabitAware Keen2 helps you build awareness, identify trends, and reduce your BFRB with healthier replacement strategies.

Create your Keen2 Bundle
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    Community Support

    Connect with others and make real progress with encouragement and accountability.

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  • A laptop with the words leading with love strength and awareness.

    BFRB Recovery Primer

    Our BFRB Recovery Primer video series helps you learn how to use Keen2's vibration as a cue to change your behavior.

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  • A person holding a smart phone with a person on the screen.

    Virtual Peer Coaching

    Make a plan of action with 1 on 1 strategy sessions, tailored to your healing journey.

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Reviews ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  • Keen2 Review

    "Thank you so much for inventing the Keen bracelets!! 54 years old and it took all of these years and just about every strategy in existence to get this far."
    – J. Ro

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  • Keen2 Review

    "Keen needs to be more widely known and talking about. Amazing tool... My son now sees it as an additional resource for him on his journey to better managed his anxiety."
    – Lisa M.

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  • Community Review

    "I have found that talking about my experience with Trichotillomania with people in the community has made me a lot more confident and now I am not ashamed."
    – Madeline

  • Community Review

    "I no longer feel helpless. I have a bracelet that keeps me AWARE. When I am AWARE, I don’t pull. When I don’t pull, life is better. And, I am not alone…I have Aneela, Ellen, and the BRFB Change Collective. I am humble and grateful and I am AWARE."

    – Dana

  • Peer Coaching Review

    "Ellen is amazing. It was a breath of fresh air having a chat with someone that has been there, and has BFRBs themselves..I'm so grateful and thankful."

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  • Love, Strength, & Awareness BFRB Recovery Primer Review

    "So much great information on mindset - decreasing behavior, not perfection. Changing mindset to training awareness muscles. What to do in place of behavior."
    – S.L.

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Get a taste of Keen Awareness technology, adapted for the Apple Watch, with KeenLite.

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How the HabitAware System helps you Reduce your BFRB

A man sitting at a desk with his hand on his chin.

1. Build Awareness

Body-focused repetitive behaviors happen in a trance-like state, whether you're leaning into the mirror or working at a desk. Keen2's gentle vibration interrupts the trance so you can regain control.

Order Keen2
A woman sitting at a desk writing on a notebook.

2. Learn the Process

It's easy to get mad when you pull out hairs, pick a scab, or bite your nails. Our Masterclasses teach you how to use Love, Strength, and Awareness to take healthy action. This framework makes BFRB reduction and management possible.

Enroll in the BFRB Recovery Primer
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3. Create a Plan

Virtual Peer Coaching allows you to speak to someone who has been there, and learned to manage their BFRB. HabitAware Peer Coach Ellen hears you out, offers wisdom, and helps you identify strategies specific to you and your needs.

Book Peer Coaching
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4. Stay Motivated

Ready to take control of your unwanted BFRBs? Join our supportive and private online community to build relationships with others on the same journey, share stories, and practice healthier habits. In The BFRB Change Collective you can:
* gain confidence,
* shatter shame,
* create lasting lifestyle change, and
* move from hurting to healing.

Join the Community
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We care about you.

We know firsthand how difficult it can be to manage Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors. Everyone on our team has a BFRB, or a loved one with a BFRB. No solutions were available, so we created HabitAware for you.

Our Story

Raising BFRB Awareness: Co-Founder Aneela's TEDx Talk

Meet Your Peer Coaches

  • A woman is posing with her hand on her chin.

    Aneela Idnani, Co-Founder + President

    "In working with Aneela, I was able to shift my mindset from one of shame and self-blame towards one of compassion, strength, and growth. I learned to focus on self-regulation as a source of pulling, rather than perceiving myself as irresponsible, destructive, or out of control." – Malky

  • Aneela & Ellen can help YOU shift from hopeless to hopeFULL!
    Together, they have:

    • Combined 60+ years of lived experience with BFRBs

    • Connected with 1,000s of adults & kids with BFRBs

    • Deep understanding of BFRB trends, insights & actionable strategies

    • Created a framework rooted in Love, Strength & Awareness
  • A woman posing with her hand on her chin.

    Ellen Crupi, Director of Awareness

    "Ellen was AMAZING!!!  She gave so many great ways to think about [BFRBs] that we hadn't considered before. [Our favorite analogies] that are really sticking with us: 'Go from autopilot to I'm the pilot.' Such a great way to think of how to become present in the moment and how Keen helps trigger that." – Dawn

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    90-Day Guarantee

    Experts say behavior change takes ~66 days, with Keen you get 90

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    $30 Off 2 Keens

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    Free Training

    15-minute technical call to help set up your Keen

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    Weekly Inspiration

    E-newsletter packed with strategies & stories

Smart Habit Reversal Training

HabitAware's Keen2 bracelet and community can help you manage and treat your unwanted habits so you can start living life again. Access one-on-one coaching and resources and learn habit altering trichotillomania therapies. Work towards a cure for your dermatillomania and onychotillomania.