Teen Hangouts

A chill space for Teenagers ages 13-17

BFRBs suck for a lot of reasons.

  • Fearing permanent damage.
  • Affecting your social life.
  • Stealing time from hobbies you love.
  • Feeling like you don't know what else to turn to.
Get Support a Teen Hangout

You aren't the only person in the world with a BFRB, even though it might feel that way sometimes.

Teen Hangouts are led by a BFRB Peer Coach who has been there.

A woman is using a laptop with a group of people on it.

Hang out with people who understand.

Meeting people who go through the same thing that you do is a great way to shatter the shame that comes with a BFRB. It feels better to be in community!

Join a Teen Hangout
  • Ask an expert questions.

Meet your Peer Coach!

Peer Coach Gessie Perez is passionate about working with children, and is a dedicated BFRB advocate. She has had trichotillomania since the age of 11 and has made it her life's mission to give back to the BFRB community.

Gessie currently works as a caregiver for children with developmental disabilities. In 2019, she started her “Trichster Sisters” program, in which she sends care packages to young girls with trichotillomania and acts as a mentor to them. She is also the author of a memoir, Triumphant Trichster, and A Trichy Situation, a picture book for kids. She serves as the Programs Director for The Lyder Foundation, a non-profit focused on supporting those with BFRBs in communities of color. As a long time part of the Keen family, Gessie is excited to now join HabitAware as a team member!

  • Fun topics with a dog and ball.

    The real sign of success in a Teen Hangout is to have fun.

  • Your fears calmed.

    BFRBs feel scarier when you aren't talking about them.

  • Actionable tools and strategies.

    So that you can begin to make real progress.

  • Best bfr practices.

    Got BFRB questions? Peer Coach Gessie has answers!

  • Easygoing guidance with a woman on a laptop.

    From an experienced HabitAware Peer Coach.

  • Safe and open discussion.

    Teen Hangouts are a judgement-free zone.

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Teen Hangout are not substitutes for medical advice. By booking a Teen Hangout, you agree to acknowledging and agreeing to our medical disclaimer.