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Virtual Peer BFRB Coaching

Virtual Peer BFRB Coaching

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(You don't need a HabitAware Keen/Keen2 bracelet to get coached by us!)

HabitAware's Virtual Peer BRFB Coaching includes three (3) 30-minute peer coaching calls with Ellen Crupi, HabitAware Director of Awareness.

This one-to-one peer-based program will coach you through shifting mindset, practicing healthy strategies and creating your personal roadmap to recovery.

As Ellen shares, "I am my own BFRB success story, finding my way from hurting to healing. In 3 sessions, we want to guide you to the start of your BFRB success story."

Ellen is in a unique position as a peer coach: She grew up with a BFRB, compulsive hair pulling disorder (trichotillomania) since her teen years, and is also the parent of a child with a BFRB. Ellen also used Keen successfully to build awareness of her hair pulling and retrain her brain with healthier coping strategies. Her expertise lies in her personal experience, as well as in setting up hundreds of Keen family for success with Keen via our free video training calls. 

Ellen is trained in SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions), Yale University's parent-based treatment program designed to teach parents how to support their child's mental health.

If you do not get an e-mail within 24 hours to set up your first virtual meeting, please check SPAM.

Disclaimer: HabitAware's virtual peer coaching service is non-refundable. By utilizing this virtual peer coaching service you agree to HabitAware's medical disclaimer.

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