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Virtual Peer BFRB Coaching

Virtual Peer BFRB Coaching

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(You don't need a HabitAware Keen/Keen2 bracelet to get coached by us!)

HabitAware's Virtual Peer BRFB Coaching includes three (3) 30-minute peer coaching calls with one of our experienced Peer Coaches, all who have been through their own BFRB recovery.

This one-to-one peer-based program will coach you through shifting mindset, practicing healthy strategies and creating your personal roadmap to recovery.

If you do not get an e-mail within 24 hours to set up your first virtual meeting, please check SPAM.

Disclaimer: HabitAware's virtual peer coaching service is non-refundable. By utilizing this virtual peer coaching service you agree to HabitAware's medical disclaimer.

Build your BFRB toolbox

Keen2 Bracelet

Build awareness and break the unwanted trance. Keen2's gentle vibration is your reminder to choose healthier strategies.

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Love, Strength, & Awareness Online Masterclass

Email video series to learn how to use Keen2's vibration as a cue to change your behavior.

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  • Peer Coach Aneela

    HabitAware was created BECAUSE of Aneela! She wanted to create a way to manage her BFRB with the power of awareness, and that she did. She's devoted her life to helping people with BFRBs, whether that's through her TEDx talk, organizing BFRB community meetups, she's been working to hard to create a space where the people with BFRBs can feel empowered.

  • Peer Coach Ellen

    Ellen struggled with Trichotillomania for 40+ years before she learned to manage with Keen2. She was so moved by HabitAware's mission, she joined the team! Ellen has worked with thousands of people with BFRBs, runs a BFRB support group, AND she's the mom of two kids with BFRBs. All of this and more have helped her learn some tips and tricks along the way!

  • Peer Coach Barbara

    From writing her memoir, The Trichster Diaries,to joining the HabitAware team as a peer coach, Barbara has helped countless others in the BFRB community reach new levels of self-love and self-acceptance with their BFRB. Barbara has lived with trichotillomania for 22 years and is an active user of Keen2. Barbara is a teacher turned certified professional coach.

Customer Reviews

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Danny B
Great job

Very kind and understanding

Melissa C
Gratitude that you created this company.

Aneela helped me think about planning in a way I hadn't before. Plan for the times I'm going to need support, or plan things into your day that set you up to be more successful and make comforting things easily available so I have options in the moments they are needed. And also, Aneela is very open, smart, and easy to open up to. She's the first person with the same "problem" as mine I've ever spoken to and it was such a relief to relate my experience to someone who really understood it.

Allison D
Much gratitude!!!

Amazing coach. My background is healthcare and I have mental health training, and she was so professional and caring- I can't say enough about how she literally changed my day and gave me hope to manage my condition, and she is an amazing role model by using her own BfRB to help others .

Allison D
Ellen is Amazing

I absolutely LOVE the bracelet and use it strategically thanks to Ellen. Initially I wanted 2 one for each arm- but I learned how to best use the one and reprogram the areas of picking as for me that changes after a few days. It made me aware of times I didn't know I picked subconsciously (non focused)

Caroline W
It was really helpful having Ellen walk me through the training on the call

Very practical, I left knowing exactly what to do