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GLAAM! Online Masterclass

GLAAM! Online Masterclass

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HabitAware's GLAAM! Masterclass walks you through HabitAware's Body-focused Repetitive Behavior Management Methodology.

This game-changing approach empowers you to create meaningful and lasting change with your BFRB and overall mental health.

GLAAM!'s 6 digestible chapters will help you:

  • Shift your mindset to love, strength, and awareness
  • Understand your BFRB & know how to respond
  • Learn the pitfalls in shame cycles and how to avoid them
  • Create lasting behavior change with your BFRB and beyond

To walk out fearless and free, GLAAM! includes:

  • Mind-blowing metaphors and colorful illustrations
  • Worksheets & quizzes to apply what you've learned
  • Readings & videos to deepen your understanding
  • Connections with HabitAware Peer Coaches & other students 

Disclaimer: This Masterclass is not a substitute for medical advice. HabitAware's GLAAM! Online Masterclass is non-refundable. By utilizing this course you agree to HabitAware's medical disclaimer.

This Masterclass is designed for anyone with a Body Focused Repetitive Behavior, regardless of if you have HabitAware Keen or Keen2 (though, these do play an integral role in building your awareness).

You will get an e-mail within 24-48 hours of ordering to sign up for the GLAAM! Masterclass on our online platform: the BFRB Change Collective. Please note this purchase does NOT include full membership to the Collective, and simply grants access to the GLAAM! Masterclass only. 

Build your BFRB toolbox

Keen2 Bracelet

Build awareness and break the unwanted trance. Keen2's gentle vibration is your reminder to choose healthier strategies.

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Virtual Peer BFRB Coaching

Make a plan of action with three (3) 30 minute strategy sessions, tailored to your healing journey.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Most comprehensive course

I appreciated that it walked me through the different concepts and gave me things to practice outside of just doing the course. Also the concepts didn’t just apply to my Trich, this was more like something that helps you with overall emotional health

Helpful for re-centering

GLAAM! Is as much a philosophy as it is a course. Starting to understand how deeply my skin picking is ingrained into my mental health.

More than I expected

This helped with the overwhelm of trich. I have a better idea of the work that actually needs to be done. I am feeling a lot more hopeful with my hair pulling



Who is GLAAM! for?

GLAAM! Is for anyone with a BFRB who is ready to take control! 

Kids, about 10 and up, can take this course alongside a parent or caregiver. The course will be most effective if the child is ready and wants to make a positive change.

Don’t have a BFRB but want to support someone who does? You can take this course too.

What does “GLAAM!” stand for?

After helping tens of thousands in 80+ countries for the past 7 years, we’ve seen the same themes come up again and again. GLAAM! is an acronym for each of these themes. But, you won’t find out what it stands for until you join :) 

The themes of GLAAM! are part of the foundational work that will springboard and help you maintain BFRB freedom and build your resilience muscles too!

Which Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) does GLAAM! address?

While the content highlights hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting behaviors, GLAAM! strategies address all BFRBs.

How is GLAAM! different from the Love, Strength and Awareness (LSA) e-course? 

Love, Strength and Awareness is a video-based course explaining HabitAware’s behavior change methodology. This course is rooted in evidence-based BFRB treatments: Habit Reversal Training and Comprehensive Behavioral Treatment (ComB). LSA focuses on the interplay between your present physical and emotional state and the movement of your hands and real-time behavior change. GLAAM! Is the next level up, focused on the additional lifestyle and mindset changes that are integral to BFRB recovery. With GLAAM!, you’ll walk away with your own roadmap to confidence and BFRB freedom

What languages is this e-course offered in?

GLAAM! is currently only offered in English.

Do I need a Keen2 Bracelet to take GLAAM!?

While it’s not required, we highly recommend our awareness-enhancing tools, either the Keen/Keen2 smart bracelets or the Apple Watch app, KeenLite. These tools help you build awareness, which is one of the components in GLAAM!

How is the course accessed?

The GLAAM! course is accessible from HabitAware's online growth group, The BFRB Change Collective. Course students will gain basic access to the Collective, but will not have access to members-only premium features like weekly challenges, webinars and live events. To join the BFRB Change Collective as a premium member, click here.

If you are an existing premium member, the GLAAM! course is an add-on.

How long is GLAAM! and how much time will it take to complete the course?

The course is designed to be taken in order, with each chapter building upon the next. You will do yourself a disservice if you skip lessons or the practice. GLAAM! includes step-by-step instructions, a printable workbook, and practice work to make the concepts stick. As a self-paced course, it will take as little or as long as you want to complete.