• Medical Classification

    The term BFRB represents a group of related disorders including hair pulling, skin picking, and nail-biting. (And more!)

    According to the DSM-5, a “body-focused repetitive behavior disorder,” falls under “Other Specified Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders.”

  • HabitAware Definition

    The hands are the gateway to the mind. When the mind is restless, it leads to "restless" hands. For 1 in 20 people, this manifests in troublesome hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting, and other body-focused repetitive behaviors. 

These body-focused repetitive behaviors can manifest in one, or multiple, areas of the body.

For someone with Trichotillomania it might manifest in the scalp, beard, eyebrows/eyelashes, body hair, or pubic hair.

For someone with Dermatillomania, areas include face, scalp, neck, back, chest, arms, legs, lips, and fingers. Finger picking has another name: Onychotillomania.

  • Dermatophagia - Skin biting
    Trichophagia - Hair biting
    Onychotillomania - Nail Picking
    Rhinotillexomania – nose picking

  • Mucus fishing syndrome - compulsion to remove or "fish" strands of mucus from the eye

    Morsicatio buccarum - Cheek biting
    Morsicatio linguarum – Tongue biting