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    Natasha Daniels, LCSW

    "There is nothing like Keen on the market. I can give a child with a BFRB a Keen bracelet and know they will be growing their awareness automatically. That is more powerful than anything I as the therapist or their parents can do."

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    David J. Kosins, Ph.D

    "Keen bracelets have been very helpful to my patients with BFRB’s such as hair pulling and skin picking. The devices are invaluable for bringing into awareness habitual physical movements that lead to the problem behavior. Without this awareness, patients cannot begin to implement the therapeutic strategies that they are seeking my help to learn."

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    Pam Katz, LCSW

    "Keen has been a positive addition to my clients tool kit in reducing their BFRB. Clients report that they are more aware of pulling behaviors and are able to intervene sooner."

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For You: Using Keen2 in BFRB Therapy

In working with thousands of treatment professionals, we've gathered best practices in how to integrate Keen2 into your practice.  

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For Your Clients: Maintaining Support Outside of Therapy

Led by HabitAware's peer coaches, the BFRB Change Collective offers a supportive, safe and private online community with guided challenges to help cultivate your client's confidence & BFRB control.

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