Parent Huddle Series

Raising a child with BFRBs?

You don't have to do it alone.

Join a 4-session Parent Huddle Series.

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We know the feeling:

  • Fear of permanent damage.
  • Stress of social situations.
  • Pressure of school success.
  • Worry for the future.
Get Support in a Series

1 purchase = 1 seat! Both parents want to attend? Use the code ParentHuddleCouple at checkout for 20% off your second seat!

The Parent Huddle Series were created by experts who know the struggle of raising a child with a BFRB, and having a BFRB.

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Join a Parent Huddle Series to get the support you need.

Join a Parent Huddle Series with other parents just like you. Our peer coach will give you the training and guidance you deserve to empower your child and yourself.


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1 purchase = 1 seat! Both parents want to attend? Use the code ParentHuddleCouple at checkout for 20% off your second seat!

  • Ask an expert questions.
  • Share parenting struggles with other parents who understand.
  • Build trust with your child.
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I get your struggle.

Hi, I'm Ellen! I have a kid with a BFRB, and I was a kid with a BFRB! Using HabitAware's Keen2 smart bracelet, and Behavior Change Methodology, I've found success.

As HabitAware's BFRB Peer Coach, I lead Parent Huddles to teach parents how to support your child's mental health.

I'm a BFRB expert trained in Yale University's SPACE program (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions).

Sign up for a Parent Huddle Series because parents deserve support too!

*Max 8 parents per series.

  • Bfrf facts and fiction.

    Clarified for your understanding.

  • Your fears calmed.

    By the experience and successes of others.

  • Actionable tools and strategies.

    So that you can begin to make real progress.

  • Best practices to support your child.

    Whether they are ready to manage their BFRB, or not.

  • A woman on a laptop with the words guided conversations.

    With an experienced HabitAware Peer Coach.

  • Safe and open discussion.

    To voice your struggles with others who understand.

  • "Ellen was really relatable and genuine, which made me feel like I wasn’t alone... She gave me great suggestions that I am excited to try. It’s really important to feel like you’re not alone and that other people understand what you’re going through.


  • "We can't thank all of you, and especially Ellen, enough!... this has been one of the more positive experiences where he really feels he's in charge, he's in control, he's the "pilot" of what happens next. We're sending [our son] off to Junior High feeling so much more excited that he'll feel much better about things."

    –Dawn G.

  • "Ellen was incredible. Amazing coach. My background is healthcare and I have mental health training, and she was so professional and caring- I can't say enough about how... she gave me hope to manage my condition."

    –Allison D.

Can you afford not to? Kids can crush their BFRB, but they need your help.

A valuable lesson every parent learns, time and time again, is that you can't control your child. But you can control how you support them, even though we might not sure what the best way to support them is.

For us parents of children with BFRBs, it's especially tough. We see what we perceive as our kids hurting themselves, and it hurts us. But there is so much more to it than that. In order for us to support our child, we have to understand BFRBS: from a clinicians perspective, and from our kid's perspective, or else we won't be seeing the full picture.

The Parent Huddle Series gives you perspectives from other parents, from a BFRB peer coach, and from someone who has been in the shoes of a child with a BFRB, being doted over by a worried parent. We will work on developing the skills that you would need in any side of this equation, as the child or the parent, so that you can teach those skills to your child and meet them where they're at.

The Parent Huddles Series will be recorded and shared to purchasers who can't attend, as long as we have the consent of all attending parents.

Parent Huddles are not a replacement for therapy or medical treatment. By continuing to engage with Parent Huddle Series, you agree to acknowledging and agreeing to our medical disclaimer.