The Keen2 bracelet: You can't change what you can't control.

Keen2's gentle vibration kickstarts your behavior change process. Read Keen bracelet reviews and find out more about how Keen2 works.

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    Use the mobile app to record your specific scanning motion onto Keen2.

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    Keen2 senses your specific behavior and sends a gentle vibration, shifting you from autopilot to aware.

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    Once aware, pause and take note of what you need to identify healthier coping strategies.

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    Keep using Keen2's vibration as a reminder to take control. With time and practice you can retrain your brain!

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Keen2 Features

  • Gesture Detection
  • Watchface
  • Step tracker
  • Buckle clasp
  • In-App Courses & Journal
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*Keen2 is recommended for hair pulling and skin picking behaviors on the face, scalp, shoulders, and nail biting. For finger picking or gestures below the shoulders, please email us. Even if Keen2 is not right for your gestures, you can still break the cycle with behavior change e-course, 1:1 peer coaching, group meetings and online community.

Keen2 Reviews: Trusted by 30,000+ Customers & Recommended by 1,000+ Treatment Professionals

  • A man wearing glasses and a blue shirt is smiling.

    "The Keen bracelet has provided quick change and really positive results for my clients. Use of it has increased motivation to try different (trichotillomania treatment) interventions."

    - S. Haigley, MS, LCPC

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    Instead of coming home from school and isolating himself because he's son comes home and wants to talk...thank you!

    - Mindy, mom

  • A woman is pointing at her wrist with her finger up.

    "Keen has completely changed my life physically, mentally, and emotionally. I no longer pull out my hair. I am no longer looking over my shoulder...I live in peace now."

    - Stephanie

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