Kid Hangouts

Kids with BFRBs don't have to feel alone.

Kid Hangouts are intended for ages 7-12.
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For kids, BFRBs can feel:

  • Isolating
  • Confusing
  • Overwhelming
  • Like a heavy, secret burden
Come Hangout

What if kids had a space to be themselves, BFRB and all?

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Kid Hangouts were created by experts who know the struggle of being a kid with a BFRB.

Our peer coach fosters a space that allows kids to be themselves, and meet other kids with BFRBs.

Join a Kid-only Hangout
  • Ask a bfr expert questions.
  • Be their authentic self.
  • Meet other cool kids with bfrs.

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A Peer Coach who gets it.

Peer Coach Gessie Perez is passionate about working with children, and is a dedicated BFRB advocate. She has had trichotillomania since the age of 11 and has made it her life's mission to give back to the BFRB community.

Gessie currently works as a caregiver for children with developmental disabilities. In 2019, she started her “Trichster Sisters” program, in which she sends care packages to young girls with trichotillomania and acts as a mentor to them. She is also the author of a memoir, Triumphant Trichster, and A Trichy Situation, a picture book for kids. She serves as the Programs Director for The Lyder Foundation, a non-profit focused on supporting those with BFRBs in communities of color. As a long time part of the Keen family, Gessie is excited to now join HabitAware as a team member!

Kids aren't the only ones who need support.

  • Fun topics with a dog and ball.

    For the kids to introduce themselves with.

  • Easygoing guidance with a woman on a laptop.

    To give the kids the opportunity to get to know each other.

  • Permission to just be a kid.

    Having a BFRB is draining. Hangouts let kids just be!

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  • "Having real live support with parents going through the same journey is invaluable. [The Peer Coach] led the group with knowledge and grace."

    –Leah W.

  • "I was in a place where I needed support from people that understand the emotions and concerns I have. I needed to not feel so alone. Having this place, the Parent Huddle, to share feelings and experiences is worth it’s weight in gold."

    –Judi L.

  • "The Parent Huddles is a safe place where parents can find support and connection with one another, and resources."

    –Nicole F.

Keen Bracelets aren't required, but they are recommended!

Can you afford to skip a Kid's Hangout?

Body-focused repetitive behaviors take so much from a kid's childhood. Worries about people asking about their hair, skin, and nails, cause children to hold back in fear of rejection. That's why kids deserve to have a space where they can be certain they won't be rejected for their BFRB.

Kid Hangouts give kids a place to be themselves, BFRB and all. It shows the children that they can be loved and appreciated, even with a BFRB. It shows them that there are so many other cool and interesting kids out there, who have BFRBs just like them. It lets them know, through the Peer Coach, that BFRB management does get better.

Kid Hangouts shatter shame, fuel confidence, and let your kid know that they aren't alone.

Kid Hangouts will be recorded and shared to purchasers who can't attend, as long as we have the consent of all parents of the children attending.

Kid Hangouts are not a replacement for therapy or medical treatment. By continuing to engage with Kid Hangouts, you agree to acknowledging and agreeing to our medical disclaimer.