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Customers like you agree: The Keen2 skin picking, nail biting and trichotillomania bracelet delivers effective control.

Choose Your HabitAware Bundle:

Keen2 Bracelet


($179 value, save $30)

Build awareness and break the unwanted trance on your own. Use the vibration as your reminder to choose healthier strategies.

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Replacement Training Bundle


Keen2 PLUS Behavior Change eCourse
($378 value, save $180)

Learn how to use choose the right soothing strategy for the moment through this short video series.

Mindset Training Bundle


Includes Keen2, HabitAware's Behavior Change eCourse PLUS Virtual Peer BFRB Coaching
($618 value, save $270)

Make a plan of action with three (3) 30 minute strategy sessions, tailored to your healing journey.

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    Natasha Daniels, LCSW

    "There is nothing like Keen on the market. I can give a child with a BFRB a Keen bracelet and know they will be growing their awareness automatically. That is more powerful than anything I as the therapist or their parents can do."

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    Pam Katz, LCSW

    "Keen has been a positive addition to my clients tool kit in reducing their BFRB. Clients report that they are more aware of pulling behaviors and are able to intervene sooner."

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How you can reduce your BFRB with the HabitAware’s BFRB bracelet and Behavior Change System:

1. You Build Awareness with Keen2 “Habit Breaking” Bracelet

Body-focused repetitive behaviors happen in a trance-like state. Keen2's gentle vibration interrupts the trance so you can regain control.

2. You Practice the Process with the BFRB Training eCourse

It's easy to get mad when you pull out hairs, pick a scab, or bite your nails. Our eCourse teaches you to use Love, Strength, and Awareness to take healthy action, making BFRB management and habit reversal training possible.

3. You Create a Plan with a Peer Coach

Virtual Peer Coaching allows you to speak to someone who has been there, and learned to manage their BFRB. HabitAware Peer Coaches listen, offer wisdom, and help you identify strategies specific to you and your needs.

4. You Stay Motivated with Ongoing Support

Ready to take control of your unwanted BFRBs?

Join our supportive and private online community to build relationships with others on the same journey, share stories, and practice healthier habits. 

In The BFRB Change Collective you can:
* gain confidence,
* shatter shame,
* create lasting lifestyle change, and
* move from hurting to healing.