5 Ways to Make Noise During #BFRBWeek

October 1st – 7th is BFRB Awareness Week.

We need YOUR help to make some noise.


Do you remember that time when you didn’t know pulling out your hair, picking at your skin or biting on your nails was a THING, like a MENTAL HEALTH THING?

Do you remember that time when you couldn’t pronounce “trichotillomania,” “dermatillomania,” “onychophagia,” or “body focused repetitive behavior” without fumbling?

Do you remember that time when you felt ALONE, ASHAMED & EMBARRASSED?

Well, there are still MILLIONS out there stuck in “that time.” With 1 in 25 Americans suffering from BFRBs, your story is bound to hit home for a handful of loved ones who need to hear your words of strength & courage.

Your bravery and voice are needed to end the stigma.

Join us and #SeeMeStand (with pride)!!



If you are you ready to join us, here are some ideas:

5 ways to raise awareness about body focused repetitive behaviors

1) Share Your Story on Social Media

  1. Pick your poison: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat
  2. Take a picture (maybe it’s with Keen, or a fidget toy!, but definitely with a SMILE)
  3. Write your story
  4. Click “post” or “tweet” or “send” or “snap?!”

Here’s an example of one brave soul:


In her post, Ellen shares her life-long struggle with trichotillomania, finding HabitAware & why she joined the Keen team!
In her post, Ellen shares her life-long struggle with trichotillomania, finding HabitAware & why she joined the Keen team!


Not yet ready to approach the megaphone?

No worries, at the least share your story with ME!

Why? Well for one it’s cathartic. Two, the more we share, the less stigma there will be around the disorders. Increased awareness equals increased understanding, increased support, increased funding, and maybe even one day, a cure.

So, click the button below, let your story out & let me be your voice. I’ll share a select few via Facebook Live!

2) Ask your local paper to write about trichotillomania, dermatillomania or another body focused repetitive behavior.

  1. Go to your local paper’s website
  2. ⏬ Scroll to the bottom footer & find their “contact us” section
  3. Hopefully find an email address where you can share your story
  4. Our gratitude if you include how Keen is helping you stop hair pulling / skin picking / nail biting.

3) Get your school talking about & supporting mental health.

Reach out to your (or your child’s) science teacher, health teacher or guidance counselor. See if you can do an informational session in one of your classes. 

Or dust off your art skills and design a poster for your classroom or hallway so classmates can learn more about bfrb’s on their own time and, hey, maybe you’ll get ⭐extra credit too!

This idea is not just limited to school! Maybe your talk will be at your college, your office, your church/temple, or other local community group. And don’t forget, BFRB.org has a ton of resources for your next speaking event!

4) Educate your primary care physician.

Yep. That’s right. Tell your doctor. You see, “trichotillomania” and “dermatillomania” get, like, maybe 3 sentences in a textbook sometime during a medical professional’s YEARS of training. Remind them what it is, some of the classic signs & how folks are getting help these days (psychological treatment, our Keen smart behavior tracking bracelet, NAC, fidget toys etc.) Educate your doctor so they can help others!

5) Host a walk-a-thon fundraiser

Quick! Gather some friends & host a walk-a-thon at your local park before it’s too cold! Ask your friends to donate to TLC Foundation for BFRBs, Canadian BFRB Support Network or PickingMe Foundation. Make a day of it with a pot-luck picnic, t-shirts & signs. Be sure to tell all those people in the park that are staring at your group WHY you are walking — you never know, with 1 in 25 picking, biting or pulling, you may help a stranger learn that they are not alone with their BFRB!


A pic from a walk hosted by my friend & trichster “Jersey” Christina Lang hosted a while back. Found here.

Have other ideas on how to raise awareness? Share them in the comments!

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