#BFRBWeek 2017: Our favorite BFRB Advocates & “Storytellers”

#BFRBWeek 2017: Our favorite BFRB Advocates & “Storytellers”

It’s BFRB Awareness Week 2017 and we want to thank all those in the community for making some noise! 

One of the best ways to learn about ANYTHING and overcome anything is through story-telling.  

If you want to better understand how Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) shape (or distort) people’s lives, I highly recommend these books & films.

Most links lead to the TLC Foundation for BFRBs store, so if you choose to purchase one (or more) of these, you’ll also be supporting the only American non-profit funding research for a cure!

Trichster: The Documentary

Film by Jillian Corsie, Director/Producer/Editor

Available on the TLC BFRB Store

Trichster follows seven individuals, ranging from eight years old to late twenties, as they navigate the complicated emotions surrounding trichotillomania and the effect it has on their daily lives. Whether dealing with family and friends to budding relationships and careers, each is affected differently and have unique obstacles to overcome. Ultimately each must decide how much they allow their disorder to define who they are as people.”

Doesn’t It Hurt?: Confessions of Compulsive Hair Pullers

Book by Sandy Rosenblatt, Editor, Blogger & BFRB Advocate

Available on the TLC BFRB Store

A compelling compilation of stories by 15 bfrb’ers from around the world. Each contributor shares their personal journey with hair pulling disorder, some will leave you in tears, but all will leave you with hope. 

Life is Trichy

Book by Lindsey Muller, M.S., LMHC, Mental Health Therapist

Available on the TLC BFRB Store

Life is Trichy is a true story, following Lindsey Muller on her journey with trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder). For Lindsey, it began at a very young age, resulting in years of hiding, as well as a desire to understand more about the behavior so that she could treat others with the same challenges.


Art by Liz Atkin, Artist & BFRB Advocate

View art on The Mighty

Liz Atkin found healing through art. Growing up as a skin-picker, her world was very enclosed. In finding her passion for creativity, she also found her way out of the clutches of skin-picking. Her work has been on exhibition around the world and today, Liz speaks out to raise awareness of the condition.

Forever Marked: A Dermatillomania Diary

Book by Angela Hartlin, Mental Health Advocate

Available on the TLC BFRB Store

FOREVER MARKED: A Dermatillomania Diary shares Angela Hartlin’s harrowing account of a young woman who suffers in silence with an array of mental health disorders. Her story follows her struggle with skin picking disorder, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self-hate and isolation. Despite the adversity, Angela is no longer suffering in hiding. She has worked hard to take back control of her life and is a source of hope for anyone who may feel “Forever Marked.”

Skin Picking: The Freedom to Finally Stop

Book by Annette Pasternak, PhD

Available on the TLC BFRB Store

Annette’s book teaches you the tools needed to overcome BFRBs. It also includes her personal story & struggle with skin picking. 

No better way to find help with a struggle, than from someone who’s been there, understands it & has seen her way through! 

Project Dermatillomania: The Story Behind our Scars (2014)

& Project Dermatillomania: Written on our Skin (2017)

Book by Laura Barton, Editor, Blogger, CanadianBFRB Exec Board & BFRB Advocate

Available on Amazon, Blurb, TLC & more.

Project Dermatillomania is a labor of BFRB Advocate and writer Laura Barton. She compiled and edited these two collections in an effort to shine a light on the real life stories of those affected by skin picking (excoriation disorder, or dermatillomania).


Story-telling offers a way to share, learn and grow. As I’ve personally found in sharing my own trich story, it also offers the storyteller an outlet to begin the healing process. I encourage you to pick up a pen, a paintbrush or camera and let your story out!

With love & awareness,


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HabitAware’s smart bracelet, Keen, helps you become aware of your subconscious behavior (whether it be hair pulling, nail biting, skin picking, thumb-sucking or another). With awareness, you are able to gain control, retrain your brain and replace the behavior with a healthier one. Check out habitaware.com for more info & to order, or email Aneela@habitaware.com with questions.

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