Is HabitAware Right For Me? Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is HabitAware Keen Right For Me?
Answers to the Most Common Questions

1. Can Keen2 detect MY behavior accurately?

  • Keen2 work best for hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting behaviors above the neck area. Through our NIH research, we’ve improved the algorithm to capture more subtle “scanning” motions - that thing you do before you pull or pick. While we aim for 80% true positives and 20% false alarms, it’s also important to remember that ALL vibrations are good vibrations. False alarms are helpful in building your awareness muscles, as they still make you aware of where your hands are. This sets you up to begin the hard work of managing your hair pulling, skin picking or nail biting by replacing it with healthier soothing strategies. But, if you are really getting too many false alarms you can adjust the in-app settings to your liking OR, schedule your video training session (included with purchase) - we love meeting & getting you set up for success!

2. Will Keen2 stop me from hair pulling, skin picking & nail biting?

  • Once we understand that hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting are chronic issues, then we can shift our goal from just stopping to responding with intention. If you are ready to change, Keen is your awareness training coach. Keen2 won’t move your hand away - but YOU CAN by using Keen2’s vibration as your self-care reminder to choose healthier coping strategies. With Keen2 you'll also have access to evidence-based Habit Reversal Training (HRT) strategies through a newly designed mobile app. These strategies will teach you HOW to respond with intention to the urges and triggers.

3. Is Keen2 worth it?

  • Yes! if you’re ready to use the vibration as a cue to take positive action, then Keen2 is absolutely worth it!:

    “ was one of the best decisions I made...they have been worth every cent. The bracelets have helped (my daughter) so much. They are excellent quality and...I cannot say enough about the support and customer service we have received from HabitAware...It is clear that they really care.” ~Carol, Keen family mom
    “When I add up how much I spend on skin products, and expensive cover up and make up to hide, it evens out. Plus, what price can you put on restored self esteem, self worth, confidence and being able to go out again?” ~Lisa, Keen family

    So, please consider the cost of your hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting.  What are you losing out on mentally, physically and socially? You can gain them back if you learn to harness the power of “Keen” awareness.