Keen2 Guide - Use the Button

The button on the side of Keen2 will negate a vibration, so that if you press that button after Keen2 vibrates, it won’t be added to your data. This could be for interventions, or false alarms.

An “intervention” is when you catch yourself about to engage in the unwanted hair pulling, skin picking or nail biting and Keen2 catches it too (vibrates) BUT you do something else instead. Celebrate the moment by pushing the button on Keen2's bracelet to remove that from your vibration count for the day, and maintain your in-app streak!

Keen2 - much like all of us - isn’t perfect. We aim for 80% accuracy. So, when Keen2 vibrates at a time where you aren’t doing your behavior, this is a false alarm. Just press the button on Keen2’s bracelet to remove that vibration. That way, it won’t be included in the data on your Keen2 app.

This icon means the vibration has successfully been removed from your daily tally:

You can also use the button to Factory Reset Keen2. This will erase and return Keen2 to its factory settings including erasing any trained gestures. The history of past data will remain in the app. To initiate, press and hold the Keen2 side button. You will feel an immediate vibration upon pressing, and a second vibration after 10 seconds. Let go of the button after the second vibration. Your bracelet is now back to factory settings