A Dream Come True: From Peer Coach Barbara Lally

A Dream Come True: From Peer Coach Barbara Lally

This blog is written by HabitAware Peer Coach Barbara, author of the Trichster Diaries, and a BFRB advocate. We are so happy to have her as a part of the HabitAware team and are so glad she is sharing her story with Keen Family!

It all began in May of 2019, when my journey of self-love and self-acceptance led me to discover HabitAware on Instagram. I had been sharing bits and pieces of my life with trichotillomania and connecting with others in the community, and I was amazed to find so many people talking openly about something that I had kept hidden for most of my life. Curious to learn more about HabitAware and the people behind it, I reached out and was delighted to speak with Aneela, the co-founder of the company.

As I listened to Aneela's story and watched her Tedx Talk, I felt a sense of awe and admiration for her strength and resilience. I preordered the Keen2 bracelet in Lilac and eagerly awaited its arrival, excited to see how it could help me on my own journey with trichotillomania. I began interacting with HabitAware's social media posts, submitting my own content, and participating in Instagram LIVES, feeling drawn to this amazing community and inspired by its commitment to supporting individuals with BFRBs.

Over the past four years, I have had the privilege of getting to know not only Aneela but also the entire HabitAware team, including Ellen and Mari. Hearing their stories and learning from their experiences has been an incredible honor, and I was thrilled to finally meet them all in person at the BFRB Changemakers reunion this past October. It was an unforgettable moment to finally hug people I care so deeply about!

I feel incredibly proud and grateful to be part of an organization that is making a real difference in the lives of people with BFRBs. My passion for peer coaching aligns perfectly with HabitAware's mission and values, and I feel fortunate to be able to contribute my skills and expertise. Thanks to HabitAware's tireless efforts, people all over the world will no longer feel alone or misunderstood in their struggles with BFRBs, and they will have access to the resources and support they need to thrive.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunities and connections that HabitAware has given me, and I look forward to continuing to work alongside this amazing team to create a better world for people with BFRBs. It's hard to believe that I am part of something so wonderful - it's a dream come true!

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