April Action - Week 1: Spring Cleaning!

April Action - Week 1: Spring Cleaning!

This April, we're taking ACTION. Join us every week as we introduce a new step into managing our BFRBs, and follow along as we take the steps ourselves! BFRB recovery is a journey, and there are always new things to learn - so we (Ellen & Mari) will be participating hands on, with you! After all, we are a team, and we are family. Team Keen Family! So we're in this together, and ready to take it one step at a time with you.




Dust off or shine up your Keen or Keen2 bracelet.

First thing's first - let's lay a good foundation. Get the soil ready for growth. How do we do that? By making sure Keen is ready to help us navigate through our month of Action!

Take this week to get a good recording of one area on your bracelet. Need help? 


For Seasoned HabitAware Team Family:

Shine up your Keen or Keen2 bracelet too! Give it a nod of thanks for helping you strengthen your awareness muscles. Next, help your Team Family by sharing how you found the Keen settings that worked for you, your go to replacement strategies, or how you shifted your mindset from I can’t to I can. Email me here and I’ll post them, keeping your note anonymous if you wish. 


And make sure to follow along with Mari & Ellen on instagram! 

Each week they'll be doing instagram lives, exploring the steps taken that week & answering questions. 

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