Summary of our BFRB Awareness Week 2022 Events

Summary of our BFRB Awareness Week 2022 Events

What an amazing BFRB Awareness Week we had this year! We reached 37,000+ people through our posts, events, and videos, definitely meeting our goal of spreading awareness.

Thank you to all those who joined our conversations and helped us cultivate understanding and empathy this week. Also a big thank you to all of the advocates who were featured in our events this week!

Thankfully, we catalogued those events in case you missed them : )


How Keen "Calmed" Nail Biting
With Luce from Calm Strips
Instagram Live (Recording)
Luce shares how she uses Keen to raise awareness and control of nail biting. Luce works closely with the BFRB community through Calm Strips, reusable sensory stickers crafted to help regulate restless energy. Calm Strips works to spread awareness and understanding of all different types of mental health conditions including trichotillomania, dermatillomania and nail biting.

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Opening Up To BFRBs
With Joyce Tran (Advocate)
Workshop on the BFRB Collective (Recording)

Joyce is a Body Focused Repetitive Behavior (BFRB) advocate. She's suffered with trichotillomania for years, and wrote about hair pulling for Allure Magazine. Since 2020, Joyce has hosted support groups. In this BFRB Week workshop, Joyce guides us through the importance of opening up about your BFRB on a few different levels. Get access only through The BFRB Change Collective

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Healing with Purpose & "Keen" Awareness
With Morgan Herbert (Advocate)
Instagram Live (Recording)

Morgan is a BFRB advocate and long-time friend of HabitAware. She is learning to manage her trichotillomania and dermatillomania in the same way that we all are, and has also found so much joy and purpose in supporting for the BFRB community. During this LIVE, Morgan shares so much wisdom. Parents, be sure to listen in!

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Candid Convos on Trich & Derma
With Lauren from the Picking Me Foundation
Instagram Live (Recording)

In this LIVE we chatted with the founder of the Picking Me Foundation about the similarities and differences between Trichotillomania (compluisve hair pulling) and Dermatillomania (excessive skin picking). The Picking Me Foundation is the only non-profit created specifically for those with Dermatillomania (chronic skin picking). 

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Supporting Kids with BFRBs
With Gessie from Triumphant Trichster
Instagram Live (Recording)

Gessie is a long-time friend of HabitAware who has connected and supported so many young members of the BFRB community, through her "Trichster Sisters" program, and inspiring children's book. Gessie shares what working with kids with BFRBs, and being a kid with a BFRB, taught her about healing and treating Trichotillomania.

BUY Gessie's Children's Book: Triumphant Trichster | BUY Gessie's Children's Book: A Trichy StituationFOLLOW Gessie's Instagram

The Power of Connection
With Jen Deyo from Trich Tricks
Instagram Live (Recording)

Jen Deyo is a BFRB advocate who works to raise awareness and provide support for those with BFRBs. She shares the importance of community, and all of the wonderful ways that support from others can help us through the epic journey that is BFRB recovery.

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Writing Your Way to BFRB Wellness
With Barbara Lally from The Trichster Diaries
Instagram Live (Recording)

Barbara Lally spreads BFRB Awareness via her podcast, instagram, Tiktok and two books! She shares her experience with Trichotillomania, and how putting the experience down on paper was extremely healing. 

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Talking TRICH Onstage
With Becca Schneider, Playwright and Actor
Instagram Live (Recording)

Becca is a playwright and actor who put on an award-winning play about her experience with Trichotillomania. Becca "brought her secret into the light" in an extremely public way - literally under the spotlight - & changed how she viewed her Trichotillomania.

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Once again, a big thanks to all who joined us to celebrate. We hope you got to learn something and discover some cool people along the way!

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