How to stop what you’re doing and think about what you’re being.

June 14, 2018


Yesterday’s “To Do” list was so never-ending that I never got around to writing to you! Lists are my thing – they keep me organized and productive. They also keep me a little over-busy, anxious and exhausted. Which got me thinking about all the “doing” I’m doing and wondering if it’s helping me be me. 

I wanted to share with you all the things I believe I deserve “To Be.” This list is something I created years ago and now recite every night to my two sons. Last night, as my younger son cried in his crib, I rubbed his belly and whispered these words of being, softly. He immediately quieted and his eyes drooped to dreamland. It was magic, which means I was being magical!    

OK, here goes, my TO BE list:

  • Happy, Healthy, Kind
  • Loved & Loving
  • Fun, Friendly, Funny
  • Peaceful, Grateful, Giving
  • Ambitious, Focused, Favored
  • Faithful

Tell me, what’s on your “To Be” List!


Since we’re talking about lists, The Heart & Soul Academy Annual BFRB Retreat is a Bucket List must for any BFRB’er ready to recover. More than a meet up, Christina Pearson’s love, light & leadership will help you become whole again.

“Who is Christina?” you may be wondering.
She is our voice. She is our ambassador. 28 years ago, Christina founded the Trichotillomania Learning Center, which is now BFRB.org – the nonprofit pioneering research for a cure, educating treatment professionals and bringing our community together. The movement to our BFRB recoverystarted because Christina wanted more than to check off a To Do list each day – She wanted to bring life to life by BEING.

“What is the BFRB retreat?” you may be wondering. 

The Retreat is your way to connect and heal in a beautiful, natural environment. It runs from July 19th – 22nd, 2018 in Loveland, Colorado.

While I will miss out on this wonderful (because of my “To Do” list!), I hope YOU will take advantage of their early bird pricing (through June 20th) and make this commitment to the healing of your being. I promise you will be in the good hands of experts – from medical professionals to holistic healers. By blending science and spirit, you will learn new ways to reduce your behavior and your suffering. 

Recovery from trich’ing or picking doesn’t happen in isolation. Recovery happens when you focus on the whole being. All of you, not just a piece of you.

Because you deserve to be.


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I usually end wishing you love & awareness,
but today, as Christina does, I hope you will “Be Well & Be Loved,”

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