Love Strength and Awareness Podcast Replay

Love Strength and Awareness Podcast Replay

Did you miss an episode of our Love Strength and Awareness podcast that launched during BFRB Awareness week?

Catch up here!

We created this podcast to raise #BFRBAwareness for Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania and other Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors. Our goal is to inspire hope through storytelling. 

We are so thankful to our guests and to all of you who have express so much all love and appreciation for HabitAware's Love Strength and Awareness podcast.

And immense gratitude goes to Jackie Biederman, co-founder of StoryPopMedia, who brought this podcast to life! Learn more about how she can help YOU start your own podcast at

Episode 1: Trichotillomania Recovery: Aneela Idnani's Story

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Episode 2: Interview with Christina Pearson, the Heart & Soul of the BFRB Community

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Episode 3: Mindset Reset - Take a Moment of Pause

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HabitAware · Episode 3: (Bonus-Mini) Mindset Reset - Take A Moment of Pause


Episode 4: Non-Profit Founder Lauren McKeaney proclaims, "I am #PickingME over my BFRB!" 

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HabitAware · Episode 4: Lauren McKeaney's Dermatillomania Story


Episode 5: Mindset Reset - Small Wins 

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HabitAware · Episode 5: (Bonus-Mini)Mindset Reset - Small Wins with Trichotillomania & Dermatillomania



Iridescent Women interviews HabitAware Co-Founder, Aneela Idnani 

In honor of #BFRBAwarenessWeek, in this episode of season 3, we interview Aneela Idnani, Co-founder & Marketing/Design Lead at HabitAware. For more than 20 years, Aneela hid her battle with compulsive hair pulling disorder (trichotillomania), a mental health condition. After sharing this secret, she began HabitAware and created Keen, a patented smart bracelet that uses gesture detection technology to bring awareness to body-focused-repetitive-behavior like hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting, issues that negatively impact more than 20 million Americans alone. Aneela is a mental health advocate, raising awareness of these very common yet unknown conditions.

How can awareness help us discover healthier coping mechanisms? How can we overcome the shame and stigma that exist around mental health conditions? How do we cultivate a greater self-compassion? How can we grow in empathy and support the mental health of those around us? These questions and more will be explored in this latest encouraging and empowering episode.


Take a step forward in your BFRB journey. Invest in a keen bracelet today.



Special thank you to Jackie Biederman, co-founder of StoryPop, who helped bring our podcast to life! Learn more about how she can help YOU start your own podcast at or find her on LinkedIn!


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