Talking BFRBs Every Week: HabitAware Instagram Lives

Talking BFRBs Every Week: HabitAware Instagram Lives

Did you know that every week at 2pm ET, 1pm CT, we go live on our Instagram to talk body-focused repetitive behavior management, Keen bracelet best practices, and strategies that work to redirect your hands from your hair/skin/nails? 

Every week is different! Usually, it's two HabitAware Peer Coaches, but sometimes we bring in guests to talk broader BFRB awareness! 

These lives are great for getting your questions asked about BFRBs, Keen2, or mental health management live. We keep the recordings, and they make for great podcasts- whether it's while you're working, jogging, cooking, or just hanging out and want something to listen to! Here's 3 selections from our lives, but check out our Instagram for the full list. 

On 3/26/24, Aneela spoke with guest Mrinal Gokhale, author and mental health advocate, about how mental health is often stigmatized. We see this in the BFRB community often- so many people have misconceptions about Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania, and Onychophagia that are just untrue and harmful. It's also a broader issue in the mental health world at large, and the best thing to do about it is to have these conversations! 


On 3/12/24, Peer Coach Ellen and team member Mari talk about training Keen2, and then what it really takes to make replacement strategies stick. Once Keen2 vibrates, it can be difficult to know what to reach for that will be good enough to suppress the urge. This instalive talks about how to find that!



On 2/15/24, Peer Coach Ellen & Peer Coach Barbara share their favorite replacement strategies that they like to keep handy whenever they experience pulling episodes, or just the urges, and how they know what strategies work best, when.



Want to join in and ask questions of your own!? Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date! Or, if you want to have a one-on-one conversation with a HabitAware Peer Coach to really get a deep dive on you and your BFRB management, check out our Peer Coaching!

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