Trichotillomania Study from the ACT Research Group at Utah State University

Trichotillomania Study from the ACT Research Group at Utah State University

The ACT Research Group at Utah State University is seeking adults with trichotillomania (repeated hair-pulling) in the United States to participate in a 30-day study examining patterns and trajectories of hair-pulling and associated thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Your participation could involve completing a brief virtual interview (~30-40 minutes) and completing three brief surveys each day over 30-consecutive days. These surveys will be sent to your smart phone at random time points from 9:00am to 9:00pm in your local time.

Your participation in this study could help us better understand the various factors connected to hair-pulling. In turn, the data you help us collect could lead to the development of enhanced psychological treatments for trichotillomania!

You may be compensated with a $50 Amazon e-gift card for your survey completion. To receive this compensation, you’ll need to complete 2/3 surveys that are sent to you over the 30-day period, that is, 60 out of 90 surveys. You’ll have 2.5 hours to complete each survey once it’s sent to you.

To be eligible you must be 18 years or older, live in the United States, speak English, have access to a personal smart phone, and currently be engaging in hair-pulling and experiencing associated distress or impairment.

This study is USU IRB #13690, and the principal investigator is Dr. Michael Levin ( If you have any questions, please contact the study coordinator at or (385) 955-1049

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