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Your Word for the Year

Why Choose a Word

Typically folks start new years off with a resolution. Have you ever said, "This is the year I will eat right." Or "This year i will lose 10 lbs." Or "This year I will stop hair pulling / skin picking / nail biting."

Resolutions are often well intentioned, but rarely achievable because there is no specific measurable goal or plan to get you there, and usually is measured on a pass/fail basis. Did you, or do you, love the pass/fail system in school? Most of us didn't! But we still measure our success based on this scale that sucks the energy out of us and turns our desire into a chore. 

Instead, we want to encourage you to set an intention by choosing a WORD for the year that can carry you through all you do and be with positive energy! There is no passing or failing an intention, it's simply something you carry with you to help you direct yourself.

Choosing the Perfect Word

When choosing a word for your year, think of a word that represents what you want to achieve or gain. Where do you want to be at the end of this year? Visualize it in detail, including how you feel once you've reached there.

Look back on the past year, review your current values and goals, and be prepared to fully embrace the word you select. To get your thoughts flowing on how to choose a word of the year, here are some examples that the BFRB Change Collective community has shared with us:

Balance • Kindness • Gratitude • Hope • Passion • Wellness • Adventure 

Richness • Quality • Productivity • Love • Declutter • Clarity • Quality Time 

Create • Creative • Joyful • Flow • Growth • Positivity

Consistency • Focus • Laughter • Dream • Mindful • Resilience • Unite

Forgive • Community • Generosity • Organize • Trust • Prosper • Courage

Seek • Alignment • Change • Fearless • Love • Simplify • Elevate

Compassion • Beauty • Faith • Cultivate • Family • Sparkle • Awareness

Fulfilled • Play • Friendship • Happiness • Purpose • Abundance • Dedication

Journey • Overcome • Serenity • Forward • Centered • Dance • Give

Intentional • Positivity • Rise • Let Go • Joy • Savor • Less • Healing

Free • Boundaries • Creativity • Heart • Light • Perspective • Connect

Spirit • Harmony • Action • Exploration • Contentment • Allow • Glow

Healing • Thoughtful • Soar • Calm • Transform • Peace • Movement

Inspire • Breathe • Flourish • Create • Believe • Grace • Possibility

Self Love • Delight • Connection • Acceptance • Integrity • Reflect

Thrive • Strength • Persevere • Listen • Embrace • Commit • Bloom

Grounded • Pause • Stillness • Meaningful • Brave • Appreciate • Renew

Clarity • Grow • Present • Vulnerability • Build • Shine • Streamline • Wonder

Here are some more from Good Good Good:

A list of the best 'Word of the Year' ideas
The best word of the year is the one that will help keep YOU on track when you feel overwhelmed. Is there something that you want to keep at the forefront of your mind throughout the year? Hopefully, the guiding words above will get you going in the right direction.
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