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8 Parents maximum per series. Huddles are for parents-only.

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The Parent Huddle Series is non-refundable, and cannot be exchanged.

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Join the HabitAware Parent Huddle because parents deserve support too! Where we will calm your fears, answer your questions, share BFRB facts, debunk BFRB fiction, and teach you how to show up to your child as your best self, so that you can support your child wherever they are on their BFRB journey.

Parent Huddles require a seperate Zoom registration. After purchase, watch your email for that link!

1 purchase = 1 seat! Both parents want to attend? Use the code ParentHuddleCouple at checkout for 20% off your second seat!

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I know your struggle.

Hi, I'm Ellen! I have a kid with a BFRB, and I was a kid with a BFRB! Using HabitAware's Keen2 smart bracelet, and Behavior Change Methodology, I've found success.

As HabitAware's BFRB Peer Coach, I lead Parent Huddles to teach parents how to support your child's mental health.

I'm a BFRB expert trained in Yale University's SPACE program (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions).

The Parent Huddle Series is not a substitutes for medical advice. By booking, you agree to acknowledging and agreeing to our medical disclaimer.