• Kid Hangouts

    Kid-only zoom calls that allow kids (ages 7-13) with BFRBs to talk to other kids with BFRBs, giving them a space to be themselves and have fun. Led by HabitAware Peer Coach Gessie.

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  • Teen Talks

    Drop-in sessions for teenagers (ages 13-18) to meet other teens with a BFRB, and learn valuable skills in BFRB management. Led by HabitAware Peer Coach Jaclyn.

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  • YA Study Hall

    For Young Adults with BFRBs (ages 18-26).

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  • Parent Huddle Series

    For the parents of kids or teens with BFRBs. Learn valuable skills to support your child, and get encouraged yourself. It's hard to be in the parent role, and you deserve support too!

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We offer Virtual Peer Coaching for any age group.

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