BFRB Change Collective: meet your hosts + what members are saying


Meet Your Hosts

Ellen Crupi photoEllen is a mental health activist committed to educating and reducing the stigma around mental health and BFRBs. Having trichotillomania for 30+ years, she cares deeply about her work and the community she serves. When she is not helping others find positive change with Keen, Ellen enjoys Barre classes and really good coffee. 
Aneela Idnani photoAneela struggled with trichotillomania for 20+ years before she realized that she could turn her pain into her purpose, and started the HabitAware company. She is excited to help others like her change their life with the power of the BFRB Collective, HabitAware’s behavior change methodology, and their award winning Keen/Keen2 bracelet. 
Mari Larsen photoMari is a graphic designer who aims to make positive change through her work. She struggled with dermatillomania for 10 years before starting work at HabitAware. She is happy to support the BFRB community, spread awareness, and lend her skills to create resources.

What Members Are Saying

Julie's Collective icon"If I could go back to my younger self and just let her know that TRICHOTILLOMANIA does not define her, that she isn’t the only one, that it’s okay to to not have perfect eyebrows, and etc etc. It is hard to believe that I have struggled for 40 years with this habit... It has taken me this support group and the Keen bracelet family to realize those truths." – Julie

Dana's collective icon"I no longer feel helpless.  I have a bracelet that keeps me AWARE. When I am AWARE, I don’t pull.  When I don’t pull, life is better.  And, I am not alone.  I have my husband and friends in this with me now.  I have Aneela, Ellen, and the BRFB Collective.  I am humble and grateful and I am AWARE. And I hope the same for you." – Dana