Keen2 Guide - Adding a Second Area

Add a Second Area 

Keen2 allows you to train up to 4 areas. We suggest you start with one area to better understand your behavior & get comfortable with how Keen2 works before adding additional areas. You can manage the areas trained by hitting the Keen2 icon in the top left corner of the app dashboard and selecting "Add a Danger Zone".

When adding another area, we recommend disabling the first trained area. Here’s why. If you train one area and then train a second area, it’s best to have area one disabled so you can focus on adjusting the sensitivity for area two. If area one and two are enabled you won’t know which area needs adjusting. Once you have area two adjusted, then turn both areas on. In adding a third area, disable areas one and two, work with the third area and after you are satisfied, enable all three. You can disable a specific area by clicking into it from the “Band Settings” page, and setting the “Detection” switch off.