Keen2 Guide - Replacement Strategy Summary

There is a replacement strategy built right into your Keen2 device. Tap Keen2’s screen to rotate through the screens- there’s a step tracker, to encourage you to get up and take a walk when your hands are feeling restless. The screen showing your steps will also have icons of footprints.



But that’s not the only strategy! We recommend that you create one or more “Pause Packs”, a little bag full of helpful items to carry with you, so that when you catch yourself falling into your BFRB, you have alternatives to keep your hands busy. We recommend putting things like your favorite fidget, hand cream, and a worry stone.

HabitAware offers our own version of a pause pouch, with a special booklet designed to help you take a moment for yourself! It is included with the Habit-Reversal Training and Retrain Your Brain bundles.


Remember that there isn’t one right way to replace your behavior. You’ll try different things and learn what works for you! Something might work some days, but not others. It’s good to have options, and be open to trying new strategies.