Keen2 Guide - What Keen2 Looks For

ONE scanning motion

We want Keen2 to gently vibrate before we pull, pick or bite, not after! That is why you train the scanning motion, so it can catch us beforehand.

Here is an example of the parts of a full BFRB expression (in this example, hair pulling from scalp):

Experience the trigger
Hand reaches for scalp
Fingers search hair for hair to pull (Scanning Motion)
Fingers wrap around hair, locking.
Hand moves back down, effectively pulling hair
Individual inspects the hair, fiddles with it, or drops it.

What we want to train for is that bolded section - the fingers searching for the hair to pull. Translate this into skin picking, and it’s fingers looking for the patch of skin to pick. Into nail biting, and it’s the nail settling in between the teeth.

Since that is the moment that we want Keen2 to bring us awareness, that is the only movement that we’ll train. It might feel unnatural, but for the entire 15-second training. Please resist the urge to scratch your nose, change positions, and complete the BFRB expression!

ONE wrist angle

Now that we know what part of the movement to focus on, let’s talk more about the position that Keen2 is looking for. So that Keen2 can tell when you’re pulling your hair vs similar motions, like pulling pet hair off of your clothes, Keen2 looks for the angle of your wrist when you’re training.

If you are sitting straight up at your desk, leaning back on the sofa, or lying on your side - these are all different angles for your wrist. So, for the first training, choose ONE spot where you think you pick, pull, or bite, and physically SIT IN THAT position to train for best accuracy.

ONE wrist speed

Like stated above - this one is straightforward. Keen2 looks for the speed that your wrist is moving, so stay consistent here, too. If you stop suddenly in the middle of your training, Keen2 will get confused, and might average your speed to something slower that won’t pick up your behavior.

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