BFRB Study Hall for Young Adults

Learn BFRB and mental health management skills in a 4-session peer-led group with other young adults*

*Intended for ages 18-25

We know the feeling:

  • Fear of permanent damage.
  • Stress of social situations.
  • Pressure of school success.
  • Worry for the future.
Get Support in Study Hall

You don't have to take on a BFRB alone.

BFRB Study Hall meets 4 times over 2 months.

  1. October 17th
  2. October 24th
  3. November 14th
  4. November 28th

Meetings are always at 2:30-3:30pm PT | 4:30-5:30pm CT | 5:30-6:30pm ET

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Study up and get the support you need.

Our peer coach hosts a 4-session, 5 week group that focuses on using skills you'd learn in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and applying them to BFRBs.

Join BFRB Study Hall
  • Ask an expert questions.

Meet your Peer Coach.

Hello hello! My name is Taylor. I am a psychology student at the University of Minnesota graduating this December. My focus is on therapies such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Last year I picked up golf which has been a great hobby for me as I love spending my free time outside and enjoying the outdoors. I grew up struggling with Trichotillomania, and was able to start recovery about 4 years ago with the help of Keen & DBT! I love helping others, and with this passion I want to be the support I wish I had when I was younger.

Sign up for BFRB Study Hall and FEEL that you're not alone.

  • Bfrf facts and fiction.

    Clarified for your understanding.

  • Your fears calmed.

    By the experience and successes of others.

  • Actionable tools and strategies.

    So that you can begin to make real progress.

  • Approached in a simple, digestible way.

  • With an experienced HabitAware Peer Coach.

  • So that you can apply the skills you learn to your life.

  • "Nothing takes the place of the one one one, face to face, personal touch that the peer counseling provides. My son now sees it as an additional resource for his on his journey to better managed his anxiety."

    –Lisa M.

  • "It felt really good to talk to someone who understands what I’m going through, I haven’t got to talk to anyone before... I felt listened to and understood."

    –Makayla M.

  • "Well, I didn't know ongoing coaching around this would be something I might want until after the call :) and it didn't strike me until the experience had enough time to percolate, or I'd have asked about it in the session."

    –Melissa C, after a one-time peer coaching call.

A BFRB group option for Young Adults.

Being a young adult is a stressful time of transition, and that stress can be multiplied exponentially when dealing with a BFRB.

Learn practical skills in BFRB Study Hall that you can apply to more than just your BFRB. These skills extend to your overall mental health, your relationships, and more.

Meet other people who deal with BFRBs. Get to know them for the wonderful people they are, and see yourself as the wonderful person you are.

BFRB Study Hall will not be recorded and send to those who don't attend. Plan on setting time aside and attending each meeting live.

Keen Bracelets aren't required, but they are recommended!

BFRB Study Hall is not a substitute to medical advice. By booking BFRB Study Hall, you agree to acknowledging and agreeing to our medical disclaimer.