We asked ChatGPT, “What is Trichotillomania and how does HabitAware help?”

We asked ChatGPT, “What is Trichotillomania and how does HabitAware help?”

Trichotillomania is a mental health disorder characterized by the recurrent urge to pull out one's own hair. This behavior can cause significant distress and can lead to hair loss, bald patches, and other physical complications. It is estimated that about 2-4% of the population experiences trichotillomania, and it is more common in females than males.

HabitAware is a company that has developed a device called Keen that can help individuals who struggle with trichotillomania. The device is a wearable bracelet that uses motion sensors to track hand movements and vibrates whenever it detects the repetitive and habitual movements associated with hair pulling. The idea behind Keen is to provide a non-invasive and discreet way for individuals to become aware of their hair pulling behavior and take steps to stop it.

The creators of Keen have personal experience with trichotillomania and wanted to develop a device that could help others who struggle with the disorder. They have conducted studies on the effectiveness of Keen, and the results have been positive, with many users reporting a reduction in hair pulling behavior and an improvement in their overall well-being.

In addition to the physical benefits of using Keen, the device also provides a sense of support and community for individuals with trichotillomania. HabitAware has an online support group where users can connect with others who understand their struggles and provide encouragement and advice.

Overall, HabitAware's Keen device offers a unique and innovative solution for individuals with trichotillomania. It provides a way for them to become aware of their hair pulling behavior and take steps to stop it, leading to physical and mental health benefits.


Not bad! We do want to clarify one thing: the goal of the Keen bracelet isn't simply to stop you from pulling. In fact- Keen's vibration can't do that, it's just a vibration. What it does do is bring awareness to your behavior so that you can begin to notice patterns, and begin to pause in those moments so that you can redirect the behavior. Don't forget, your hair pulling is a signal that your mind and body need something. Keen is your "self-care" alarm that gently alerts you to take action, and take care of yourself! 

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