ChatGPT shares how awareness helps someone with body focused repetitive behaviors.

ChatGPT shares how awareness helps someone with body focused repetitive behaviors.

Awareness can be a very helpful tool for a person with body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) to take control of their behavior. By becoming aware of the triggers that lead to the behavior and the patterns of their behavior, a person can begin to identify strategies to avoid or cope with those triggers and to manage their behavior.

For example, if a person becomes aware that they are more likely to engage in BFRBs when they are feeling stressed or anxious, they may be able to find healthy ways to manage those emotions, such as through relaxation techniques or exercise.

Awareness can also help a person understand that their behavior is not their fault and that it is a result of underlying factors such as genetics, brain chemistry, and environmental triggers. This can help reduce feelings of shame and guilt and can provide a sense of hope and motivation to seek treatment.

Overall, awareness can be a crucial step in the process of managing BFRBs and can help a person take control of their behavior and improve their quality of life.


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This is a pretty short and sweet article, but we find that there's a lot more to say about Awareness and BFRBs! In fact, our co-founder gave an entire TEDx talk about it. Want help building your awareness & control over your BFRB? Join the Keen family!



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