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The world’s first smart consciousness trainer “Keen” to respond to habits such as hair tinkering and nail chewing, informing by vibrations

September 25, 2017

暇を持て余すと、つい髪の毛をいじったり、爪を噛んだりしてしまう…という方は少なくないだろう。習慣的に行うこうした性癖には精神的な病が関係していることもあり要注意である。 無意識のうちにやってしまう性癖を何とかしたい方におすすめなのが、米国のスタートアップHabitAwareが開発したブレスレット型ウェアラブルデバイス「Keen」だ。 Translated: There are not a few people who are fiddling with their hair or biting their nails when they leave time. It is cautionful to be aware that spiritual diseases are involved in these habits done habitually.  Recommended for those who want to do something unconsciously doing it is the bracelet type wearable … 

17 Useful Tips From Trichsters That Will Help You Deal With Hair Pulling

September 18, 2017

Trichotillomania is a type of “impulse-control disorder” which leads to people pulling out the hair on their head, eyebrows, eyelashes, arms, or other places on their body. It can lead to feelings of low self-esteem, increased anxiety, and other negative emotions. In addition to seeking professional help, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, here are some … 

Struggle with Trichotillomania or Dermatillomania? Exclusive AIT Interview with HabitAware Co-Founder Aneela Kumar!

July 24, 2017

If you deal with challenging body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) or disorders like Trichotillomania or Dermatillomania, there is an innovative new tool to help you! We’re pleased to share the story of HabitAware by inviting its Co-Founder Aneela Kumar. Join us to hear her story, learn more about Trichotillomania or Dermatillomania and ways to manage it … 

Wearable Health Trackers: Do They Work?

July 17, 2017

An estimated 44 million US adults will put on a wearable health device at least once a month this year–that’s 12% more adults than in 2016. The gadgets go beyond heart monitoring now, but they have yet to be studied at length. We tried new trackers in three categories to see how they perform.

1 out of 50 people have OCD in the United States: Smart bracelet helps quit small habits (美國每50人有1人患強迫症 智慧手帶助戒甩小動作)

July 08, 2017

而除了可配合用藥及行為治療,論壇所見,幫助強迫症患者的科技都日新月異,如貌似時尚Fitbit智能手帶的Keen「habitaware」手帶,就是專門幫用家戒掉一些不想要的小動作,一偵測到他們作出預設的姿勢,就會震動提醒用家停止,又能紀錄相關數據,價錢只是約100美元(約780港元)至200美元(約1,560港元)。即使不是OCD患者,想戒掉咬手或咬筆等這類小動作,都可以幫上忙。 Translated:  In addition to drugs that can be used with the treatment to help OCD patients, a Fitbit-like smart bracelet, Keen by HabitAware, helps users quit unwanted habits. It is able to detect the trained behavior and send a vibration to the user as a reminder to stop the behavior. The price is only …

I Tried Wearing A Tracker To Stop Playing With My Hair, And Here’s How It Went

May 15, 2017

Once my Keen arrived in the mail, I charged it for a couple hours and was ready to go. I fiddled a bit with the settings—you can customize how sensitive the device is to your behavior, which makes it vibrate more or less often, and change the intensity and duration of each vibration.

Do you know a trichster when you see one?

May 08, 2017

Aneela was 12 when she first started plucking out her eyebrows and eyelashes. Hormonal changes at puberty and stress arising due to her father suffering from leukaemia meant that the subconscious action of twirling and pulling hair soon turned into a habit, one that eventually became compulsive, repetitive behaviour that led to relief from stress.

How one trichster got rid of her mania

May 08, 2017

We knew from the beginning that a smart bracelet would make the most sense but we first tested with “low fidelity” ideas. One prototype we made was a slap bracelet with bells on it paired with a chunky blinged out bracelet. Another prototype used magnets.

Pharmaceuticals, Technology, and the Future of IP

May 03, 2017

HabitAware is a smart wearable bracelet dedicated to controlling Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD). OCD can be felt with varying levels of intensity and cover a number of different behaviors. The wearable monitors movement and sends a subtle alert if a person shows signs of doing something compulsively.

A Therapist in Your Pocket

April 24, 2017

HabitAware’s sleek Keen bracelet resembles a sports activity tracker. Using Bluetooth technology, it can be customized to deliver a vibration to alert the wearer of their often subconscious compulsion. Available in a variety of colors and sizes including one for children, it sells online for $149.

Trich Sufferer invents Smart Bracelet

April 10, 2017

While this sounds super intriguing to a perpetual nail biter like myself, it could mean even more to someone suffering from trichotillomania, which is the obsessive-compulsive disorder in which people pull out their own hair (including brows and lashes, too). It affects about 4 percent of the population and can be embarrassing and problematic for …

Product Review – The Keen bracelet from HabitAware

April 10, 2017

OK, so what is the Keen? Its a bracelet that looks much like a fitness tracker, but what it does is recognise when you are pulling, and give you a little vibration to bring your unconscious pulling action into your conscious mind, so you can break the habit.

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