Meet These 5 Amazing Women Founders At Eureka Park

January 04, 2018

Aneela Kumar is an entrepreneur that’s been pulling her hair out, literally, all of her life. It’s not just because she’s busy. It’s not because she’s an entrepreneur moving in 100 different directions at a time. It’s not a figure of speech. Kumar has been pulling her hair out since she was a kid and … 

TLC BFRB Donor Stories: Aneela Idnani of HabitAware

December 27, 2017

Aneela first contacted TLC in 2013, looking for solutions to her own trichotillomania. Now, four years later she has invented a technology to help many other BFRBers, as well as herself. “Talking with so many people has helped me realize the disorder may always be with us, but it’s how we deal with it that counts,” 

Habitaware Keen Review

December 13, 2017

All in all, Keen is great at what it’s supposed to do – alerting you on unwanted repetitive behaviors. If you’re looking for a device to help you become more aware of your pulling/picking or any other type of BFRBs, look no further, as this is clearly the best option out there today.

Eureka Park Preview: Retrain Your Brain With Keen By HabitAware

December 07, 2017

Aneela Kumar is a Minneapolis based entrepreneur that appears to be just another one of those passionate, innovative, hard working women. But for over 20 years she had a secret. She was a hair puller. She would find herself pulling her hair out after the fact, not even realizing she did it. Like all true … 

Pulling your hair or picking at skin can be signs of serious disorders

November 26, 2017

Because people often are unaware of when they pull or pick, some have found that using an app-equipped bracelet called Keen helps control the habit. The bracelets are programmed to detect when the behaviors begin, then send a gentle vibration to alert the individual to stop. The bracelet has not been studied in clinical trials, but …

HabitAware’s Founder Talks Supporting Mental Health at Work [Guest Post]

November 14, 2017

As part of the 1 in 4 Americans with a mental health disorder, I never actually lied about taking a sick day “because I’m not feeling well,” but I never told the truth either. I didn’t want to tell my bosses that the reason I was skipping out on a work day was because …

HabitAware Keen is a “50 on Fire”

November 09, 2017

Every story and newsletter published by Minne Inno seeks to highlight local individuals and businesses driving change in Minnesota. With our first 50 on Fire celebration, we want to shine a little extra light on the ones that are truly setting the scene on fire. HabitAware was selected as a “50 on Fire” in …

9 Tips for Managing a Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior From People Who Have Them

November 08, 2017

"The Keen [bracelet by HabitAware] ...played a huge role in my recovery for two reasons: awareness and tracking. I didn’t realize how automatic my pulling was until I had the bracelets catch me every time. And I hate to track, as valuable as it is. But Keen has a little button on it that you can push when you do perform your behavior and you can look at the summary whenever you’re ready. With Keen I can track my behavior with minimal disruption to my life."

HabitAware Keen on Destigmatizing Mental Illness

October 25, 2017

Most people have a bad habit. It could be something annoying but mostly harmless, like hitting the snooze button. But for others, like HabitAware co-founder Aneela Idnani, repetitive body behaviors are part of a larger, more complicated mental health issue. Over the last two years, Idnani, her husband and a small, dedicated team of Twin …

A wearable device that responds to correctional habits for children…

October 24, 2017

子どもを持つ親にとって心配ごとのひとつに、「爪を噛む」「指しゃぶり」といった子ども特有の“癖”がある。無意識にしてしまう行為だけに、放置していると気づいたときには子どもの指先がボロボロになってしまうこともある。こうした癖を治すには根気強い指導や注意が必要で、子どものうちに治さなければ、大人になっても癖が抜けないということもある。 Translated: One concern for parents with children is “children’s peculiarities” such as “biting nails” and “thumb sucking”. Sometimes the child’s fingertips are frustrating when you realize that you are left untreating, only to the act of making you subconscious. To treat these habits requires patient patience and caution, and sometimes you can not 

子どもの「爪噛み」「指しゃぶり」を矯正 癖に反応するウェアラブルデバイス

October 21, 2017


Schlechte Angewohnheiten? Diese 6 Gadgets machen Schluss damit!

October 15, 2017


By motion tracking Keen detects when the arm moves into the "forbidden position" and warns you by vibration. Up to four target movements can be saved. The device can be evaluated and controlled via the associated app.

  • Advantage: Keen helps to unobtrusively make conscious unconscious actions. So you can re-train your brain.

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