Innovation expo held in Sioux Falls

October 12, 2019

Several entrepreneurs and investors gathered in Sioux Falls for a chance to connect with one another.

The annual Innovation Expo was hosted by Startup Sioux Falls and the Enterprise Institute on Thursday. The conference aims to bring founders and funders together for breakout sessions and networking opportunities.

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MEDA Million Dollar Challenge Winners: Where Are They Now?

September 15, 2019

It’s been nearly a year since St. Louis Park-based mental health startup HabitAware took home the top prize in the Metropolitan Economic Development Association’s Million Dollar Challenge for entrepreneurs of color.

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August 31, 2019


Minnesota-based startup HabitAware has developed a smart bracelet that tracks body-focused repetitive behaviours (BFRB). BFRB includes nail-biting, skin-picking, thumb-sucking and hair-pulling. 

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TEDxFargo 2019 explores bear poop and 'unnecessary knowledge' to crafting and S curves

July 27, 2019

People go to TEDx events to be stimulated and inspired.

Rarely do they expect that to involve bear poop.

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Mobile App Designer Shares Her Struggle With Hair-Pulling Disorder at TEDxFargo

July 27, 2019


With an audience of about 2,000 people, TEDxFargo is a great platform to raise awareness.

That’s what Aneela Idnani did to teach people about a condition called trichotillomania.

It’s a compulsive hair pulling disorder that left her in hiding for years, afraid people would find out about her bare eyebrows.

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Alone among millions: Finding MY cure for Trichotillomania

July 25, 2019


I pull out my hair. Hair pulling is a coping mechanism for stress, anxiety, boredom and other emotions. The behavior is often trancelike – characterized by a compulsive urge to pull out hair on the head, face or other parts of the body. It is a disorder medically known as trichotillomania.

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Aneela Idnani — Drinks with Her

July 18, 2019

Aneela Idnani Kumar of HabitAware discusses her inspiration for the company, her experiences with trichotillomania and dealing with mental illness. Through Keen, users become aware of body focused repetitive behaviors and can change their actions. We chat about this and more over fresh squeezed juices.

TEDxFargo celebrates 10 events with 28 speakers, performers

July 13, 2019


The 10th local event, being held July 25 downtown at the Fargo Civic Center, will include 28 speakers and performers.

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“I think we need to recognize that our minds are fragile and mental health disorders can strike at any time.” with Aneela Idnani

July 07, 2019

"I also think we need to recognize that our minds are fragile and mental health disorders can strike at any time. We need our governments, our insurance companies, our education system and our healthcare providers to build a better support system for those with mental health conditions. We need more preventative care and early intervention."

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Meet Minne Inno’s 2019 Inno Blazers

June 22, 2019

Members of Minnesota’s tech, business and startup communities converged in downtown Minneapolis Wednesday night to celebrate Minne Inno’s Inno on Fire, a party honoring 50 of the most innovative companies and individuals in the state.

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A bracelet to help break a bad habit!

June 15, 2019


Habits often become "mindless"... you might not even know you are doing it. And, if you do, you often come up with excuses in your mind why you need to. 

Habits can lead shame and embarrassment and impact your daily life. 

Nail biting, thumb sucking, hair pulling and skin picking are just some of the habits Keen can help with...

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From nail biting to hair pulling, this smart bracelet builds awareness

June 10, 2019

Hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting are all body-focused repetitive behaviors that can have a huge impact on people's lives. A Minneapolis-based tech startup developed a smart bracelet to build awareness of these behaviors.

HabitAware Keen Sizing Guide

Not sure which size is right for you?

It's important that Keen has a snug fit on your wrist. Here's a quick guide to help you decide which bracelet size to order:


Sporty Keen (original)