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Keen2 Bracelet

Keen2 Bracelet

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Introducing the Keen2* smart BFRB Bracelet, a specially designed habit-breaking bracelet for those struggling with body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs). Whether you're dealing with hair pulling (trichotillomania), skin picking (dermatillomania), nail biting (onychophagia) or other related habits, this trichotillomania bracelet acts as a watch, monitoring and assisting in breaking these patterns. It combines the benefits of a habit bracelet, hair pulling bracelet, and skin picking bracelet into one comprehensive behavior bracelet to empower you towards change.

  • (1) Keen2 smart bracelet & mobile app
  • "How to be HabitAware" e-book
  • (1) Keen2 charging base

Backed by NIH-Funded Research 

Trusted by 10,000+ Keen family & 1,000+ Treatment Professionals

*Recommended for hair pulling and skin picking behaviors on the face, scalp, shoulders, and nail biting. For finger picking or gestures below the shoulders, please email us AND leverage our behavior change e-course, 1:1 peer coaching, group meetings and online community.

Build your BFRB toolbox

Love, Strength, & Awareness Online Course

Email video series to learn how to use Keen2's vibration as a cue to change your behavior.

$199.00 USD

$99.00 USD

Virtual Peer BFRB Coaching

Make a plan of action with three (3) 30 minute strategy sessions, tailored to your healing journey.

$300.00 USD

$240.00 USD

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

Her lashes have completely grown back, and brought back a much bigger and more frequent smile!!


Love it


Just received my second keen2. They seemed to have fixed the problem with the app. I can now trak correctly my behaviour and even tho it wasnt the biggest problem in the world I am really happy to be able to trak it now. Its a really nice bonus. I can trak both of them without issue and deleted episodes dont come back now.


Its working very well for me. I only pulled 1 hair with my right hand since i got it last week. Ordered one for my left hand after 4 days. The battery lasts a while and was pretty easy to setup. Just make sure you downloaded the keen2 app and not the keen app. The only problem I have is episodes coming back after being deleted in the app. Still worth 5 stars since its the only thing that really helped me. There is still false positive vibrations but it doesnt bother me. I prefer false positive over pulling my hair to the point that my scalp hurts. Thank you habit aware you did a really good job advertising it without making us feel ashamed.


We can’t get this thing to work right and trying to get anyone to help us out has been a huge hassle. I’m going to try to return it now.

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for your comment! Apologies for our delay, we weren't notified of your message. We reviewed your order & support tickets, we did attempt to accommodate your availability for a free video training call and did not hear back. We do see you have returned the bracelet, if and when you are ready to try again, we will be here. Also remember that the bracelet is one tool in the toolkit! We also offer other resources beyond Keen2 including an eCourse and an online community. Wishing you Love, Strength, and Awareness, team HabitAware.