Guest Post: Becca Shines a Spotlight on her Battle With Trichotillomania

Guest Post: Becca Shines a Spotlight on her Battle With Trichotillomania

October 04, 2021


By Becca Schneider

I've written a play about Trich.

 An invitation for the BFRB community.

Hello fellow BFRB community members and friends of HabitAware,

My name is Becca Schneider, and I’ve struggled with Trichotillomania since I was thirteen along with a fun smattering of other BFRBs. I’m now a 37-year-old actor/producer based in New York City, and I’ve written a solo show about my experiences called TRICH

This is something I’ve wanted to do since I was seventeen but was never truly prepared to tackle until a couple of years ago thanks to a boatload of therapy and my wonderful collaborators. I know how much it would have meant to me as a teenager to see someone talking about Trich in a theatrical setting, or any setting for that matter, instead of just being a punchline on Scrubs. This piece is my attempt to shed more light on this disorder and disorders like it while providing a space for more informed, open, and safe conversation surrounding mental health. It’s also a love letter to this community.  


 Come to the Festival!

TRICH recently got accepted into this fall’s United Solo Theatre Festival, the world’s largest solo show theatre festival. We’ve already sold out two performances, and our current on-sale show is Friday, November 12th at 9:30pm at Theatre Row in Times Square. With each show that sells out, we get an additional performance!

I would love for you to attend. Bring your family, your friends, yourself; spread the word as much as you’d like. And please know: this is a safe space. The spotlight will not be turned back on the audience, literally or figuratively. I’m sharing my story and my story only. In terms of physical safety, the Festival is following the same rules as Broadway houses. You must be fully vaccinated to attend, and proof of vaccination and masks are required.

All pertinent information can be found here including how to buy tickets, how to sign up to be notified about additional performances, background on the show and my company, plus a sneak peek of the show.

We’re also doing a ticket giveaway in honor of BFRB Awareness Week, so if you’re reading this before October 8th, there’s still time to enter! We’re giving away two pairs of free tickets to the Fri, Nov 12th 9:30pm performance. Enter here by Thursday, October 7th at 11:59pm to win. The two winners will be chosen at random and contacted on Friday, October 8th.


 Follow Us!

We have big plans for this play. Eventually we’ll have our own longer run produced by my company, Between Two Boroughs. I hope to take it to schools, mental health conferences, and more. If you’d like to stay in the loop on the future of TRICH, please subscribe to our newsletter here. You can also follow Between Two Boroughs on Instagram, Facebook, and my personal Instagram.



Again, you can purchase tickets here for Friday, November 12th at 9:30pm, and if that performance sells out, the same link will have updates regarding our newest showtimes. If you have any questions, please email us at

 This is the most terrifying, vulnerable, exhilarating thing I’ve ever done, as both an artist and human being. I very much hope to share it with you, if not at the Festival, then sometime in the future. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing you in November. 


Trich Linktree



We are so inspired by Becca's creativity, bravery, and passion! We love that Becca has taken her interests and talents and used them as an opportunity to get vulnerable, and spread some BFRB awareness. We are very fortunate to have such amazing artists in our community! 

Wishing Becca, and all of you, love, strength, & Awareness,

Aneela & The Team

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