4 Reasons CES Should be on Your Bucket List [Guest Post]

January 19, 2018

We develop wearable technology to help those who suffer from compulsive behaviors such as hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting and were able to showcase our company and technology. As a first-time exhibitor and attendee, I was blown away. It is such an exciting and slightly overwhelming atmosphere.

“Bucket List” CES Ends On Sour Note For HabitAware Founder, Aneela Kumar

January 15, 2018

Now, all of those important contacts are gone, but hopefully just temporarily. If you visited Keen for any reason, and left your business card, please send a note to Kumar with your contact info. Her email address is on her card, which is probably in your stuff. If you didn’t receive Kumar’s card please email …

CES 2018: Bad Habits Be Gone With Keen By HabitAware

January 14, 2018

HabitAware is an amazing minority woman led startup out of Minneapolis Minnesota. They have created Keen, a wearable designed to help people recognize their bad habits and break them and it works. Created by Aneela Kumar, a chronic hair puller until using Keen, this wearable was one of the most unique wearables we’ve seen at …

Los zapatos que llaman al 112 si te caes y otros gadgets de salud que llegan en 2018

January 12, 2018

Para quienes se muerden las uñas, se tiran del pelo o tienen cualquier otro comportamiento compulsivo, esta pulsera HabitAware (atención hábitos) se postula como la solución definitiva. El brazalete cuenta con un sensor de movimiento que detecta si se está realizando la conducta a eliminar, emite una vibración leve y que tan solo notará el usuario. 

The weirdest tech of CES 2018

January 12, 2018

Many people go to Vegas to indulge bad habits, but HabitAware CEO Sameer Kumar brought this smart wristband here to help people quit theirs….

CES 2018: HabitAware Consumer Electronics Show Interview with BeTerrific

January 12, 2018

HabitAware exhibited at CES 2018. Here is cofounder Aneela's interview with BeTerrific!

Minnesota Goes to Vegas for the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

January 11, 2018

HabitAware – Saint Louis Park-based company specializing in health-oriented wearable devices

CES Live Blog Day 4: Vegas’s Biggest Gadget Show Rolls On

January 11, 2018

I think people who don’t have habits like trichotillomania (an irresistible urge to pick out your body hair) don’t really understand how distressing a compulsive habit can be. Habitaware nudges you whenever you engage in your compulsive behavior to help you stop. It’s fun to see the bracelet refine what your compulsive behavior might feel …

Aneela Idnani Overcomes Her Disorder of Pulling Her Hair

January 11, 2018

Aneela Idnani had lived hiding a secret for 20 years: she used to compulsively pull out her hair. A type of mental health disorder that involves hair pulling, nail biting, and skin picking that affects 30 million Americans. Aneela says, “I didn’t want anyone, especially my husband, to think I was a lesser person because 

Robots and time travel at CES 2018

January 10, 2018

And for anyone who needs a little self-improvement, there’s Keen from HabitAware. The smart-bracelet uses gesture detection technology to gently nudge wearers into breaking bad habits, such as nail biting or hair twirling. The bracelet vibrates when it notices that your hands are in the wrong place and vibrates as a reminder.

5 Women CEOs & Founders You Ought To Know From CES 2018 #CESSoMale

January 10, 2018

Keen (by HabitAware) is a smart bracelet that helps people like its founder, Aneela Kumar, take control of unwanted behaviors like hair pulling, skin picking, and nail biting. These mental health disorders are collectively known as body focused repetitive behaviors and negatively impact the lives of 30 Million Americans.  “I was a hair puller for … 

Here are the top VC deals for Minnesota in Q4

January 10, 2018

Wearables startup HabitAware raised an undisclosed amount from hardware accelerator HAX and venture capital firm SOSV, according to MoneyTree. HabitAware makes the Keen bracelet, which vibrates when users engage in repetitive habits they are trying to break, like nail biting.

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