Have a tick to kick? This bracelet can help

June 09, 2016

Almost everyone has a habit they would like to kick, but for some people, that habit becomes a life-altering and debilitating disorder. Now, thanks to a Minneapolis couple, there’s a new way to try and kick the habit without drugs or psychiatry. It’s called HabitAware, wearable technology that alerts the user when they engage … 

Here Come the Digital Overlords

June 07, 2016

The company’s founder, Aneela Idnani Kumar, had a serious hair-pulling problem, and set out with her husband, Sameer, to develop a bracelet that would learn to detect the repeated motions associated with those types of subconscious bad habits and then issue haptic alerts to help users curb them.

Can This Device Help You Kick Trichotillomania?

May 31, 2016

Being that we at LeMetric specialize in a broad range of hair challenges, we often work with women who live with Trichotillomania which is the habit of pulling out one’s hair. Sometimes it is a minor issue that can be addressed and abandoned once identified, but as most of us know kicking a habit is . . . 

Behavior-Checking Bracelets

May 26, 2016

The Liv is an extraordinarily high-tech wearable bracelet, developed by Liv, that is designed to make it easier than ever for you to correct your problem behaviors. This particular bracelet is capable of recognizing problem behaviors — particularly compulsive ones — and vibrating to alert wearers to cease said behavior.

Liv by HabitAware: Wearable Tracks Your Subconscious Behavior

May 25, 2016

Do you have certain bad habits like biting nails or pulling your hair that you would like to shed but don’t know where to start? Liv by HabitAware is a smart wearable device that tracks your subconscious behavior and helps you stop doing those things.

Fictiv and SOSV Partner to Support Innovative Hardware Startups

May 25, 2016

The world’s first and largest hardware accelerator, HAX has offices in San Francisco, New York, and Shenzhen, China, to provide companies unique global end-to-end support. Notably, three HAX startups, including habit-improving wearable device Liv, were recently named “Startups to Watch” by TechCrunch.

HabitAware: So kontrolliert man per App schlechte Angewohnheiten

May 24, 2016

HabitAware – ein Startup aus Indien – hat sich des Problems angenommen und nutzt Wearables – wie sie bereits als Fitness-Tracker bekannt sind – um den “Patienten” mit Vibrationen daran zu erinnern, dass er gerade wieder im Begriff ist an den Nägeln zu kauen.

Liv by HabitAware: Subconscious-behavior Tracker / Trainer

May 23, 2016

Do you have certain bad habits like nail biting or hair pulling that would you like to shed? Liv by HabitAware might help. It is a smart subconscious-behavior tracker and trainer that reminds you when you are doing things you don’t want to.

HabitAware’s Liv Invention

May 23, 2016

HabitAware have made a bit of a name for themselves recently in technology news by launching the Liv bracelet. I don’t think much of the name either, but the concept is cool. This is a bracelet that is designed to stop your nasty habit, whether that’s nail biting, hair pulling or sucking your thumb.

And finally: Google and LG smartwatch recognises hand gestures and more

May 22, 2016

Liv doesn’t want to count steps or calories, it wants to help you break bad habits. The world’s first smart subconscious-behavior tracker and awareness trainer wants to rid you of ‘Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors’ or BFRBs. That could be sucking your thumb, biting nails or pulling you hair.

Liv – bransoletka na złe nawyki

May 21, 2016

Liv to konkurencyjny projekt, ale bez aż tak radykalnej terapii szokowej. Firma HabitAware proponuje bransoletkę Liv uświadamiająca sytuację wibracjami.Bransoletka ma poznawać nasze złe przyzwyczajenia i wibracją dawać znać, że sytuacja się powtarza.

Eradicate your bad habits with the Liv Smart Bracelet

May 20, 2016

It is becoming more and more difficult to stand out against the crowded market for activity trackers and smartwatches. Simply counting steps, distance, calories, and heart rate is not enough to distinguish yourself from the pack. This is where a company called HabitAware comes in with a refreshing new idea.

HabitAware Keen Sizing Guide

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It's important that Keen has a snug fit on your wrist. Here's a quick guide to help you decide which bracelet size to order:


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