Guest Post: Behavior Patterns, Triggers & Replacements

August 28, 2018

Each new school year brings new experiences - and new stresses - for parents and kids to learn and grow. School is stressful, often resulting in an uptick of skin picking or hair pulling behaviors that we thought magically disappeared in the glow of the summer sun.

Today, our Keen family member, Amy Hiller, shares her experience as an educator and behavioral coach to help parents and kids transition back to school without losing their cool (or their hair, or nails, or skin!). Thank you Amy, for taking time from your life to share these tips with your Keen family around the world!

love + awareness,

Aneela and the HabitAware team

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Relapse: A Lesson in Learning to Accept Myself

August 22, 2018

In January 2017, after six years of picking at my split ends and two years of pulling out my hair, I finally told my parents about my compulsions to pull out hair from my scalp. It took them about a week or two to do some research and understand that this was not just “wanting” to pull out my hair, but “not being able to stop” pulling. My parents understanding meant a lot to me. For the first time, I believed I could actually stop! This “embarrassing” habit of mine had a name - trichotillomania, researchers that studied people like me, and tons of ways to stop were listed both online and in the several books my father ordered home. I was going to be cured!

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HabitAware Initiates Research to Further Develop Keen Awareness Bracelet as a Treatment for Trichotillomania and other BFRBs

August 08, 2018

We are so excited to make this announcement!  We know Keen is helping people build their awareness muscles. We also know our awareness bracelet has much more to give the BFRB community. By working with top researchers we can unleash the potential.

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Conquering with Keen: Helen’s story

August 07, 2018

Helen, from England, has suffered from Trichotillomania for 38 of her 49 years. This is how she is Conquering with Keen Awareness, as told to the HabitAware team.   A Simple Hair Pulling “Habit” Helen has had Trichotillomania since she was 11 years old when she started pulling her hair in middle school. She doesn’t … Continue reading Conquering with Keen: Helen’s story

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Silencing the Self Stigma Soundtrack

July 25, 2018

This article was written by our summer intern, Dureti Doto. Thank you Dureti for sharing your personal experience and knowledge with us all! My name is Dureti Doto and I have been working at HabitAware this summer as an intern. Before I learned about HabitAware, I did not know what body focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) … Continue reading Silencing the Self Stigma Soundtrack

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Community Spotlight: Pam Katz, LCSW: Helping BFRB families Live, Love and Support

July 18, 2018

The Keen team is grateful for the ongoing support of the trichotillomania treatment professional community. We especially extend thanks to Pam Katz, LCSW for sharing her experience and “family first” approach to treating trichotillomania, dermatillomania and other body focused repetitive behaviors below. Thank you, Pam!  It is not uncommon for a child or adolescent with … Continue reading Community Spotlight: Pam Katz, LCSW: Helping BFRB families Live, Love and Support

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My Replacement Behaviors for Hair Pulling, Skin Picking or Nail Biting

July 11, 2018

So you have your Keen bracelet, your “self care alarm,” as per our Keen family member, Adrienne. Now what? Well, now it’s time to acknowledge your need for self care when the alarm sounds. How can you do that? Simple, practice replacement behaviors for hair pulling, skin picking or nail biting. These are essentially alternatives … Continue reading My Replacement Behaviors for Hair Pulling, Skin Picking or Nail Biting

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Conquering with Keen: How Adrienne Broke Free from Trichotillomania

July 03, 2018

38-year-old Adrienne lives in Michigan and has had Trichotillomania for 25 years.  This is how she’s Conquering with Keen Awareness, in her own words. From “Best Hair” to Hair Pulling Disorder My hair was my “thing.” The thing I was known for. The thing that put a quiet, introverted, awkward girl in the yearbook for … Continue reading Conquering with Keen: How Adrienne Broke Free from Trichotillomania

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The cost of (not) treating Trichotillomania or Dermatillomania

June 27, 2018

I’ve heard some people express hesitation about Keen – maybe it’s the cost or maybe it’s the fear of the unknown. To that I ask, What have you already SPENT, or LOST and what can you SAVE or GAIN from Keen awareness?  Hair pulling is about more than just hair loss. Skin picking is more than … Continue reading The cost of (not) treating Trichotillomania or Dermatillomania

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Community Spotlight: Kelsey: A Renaissance Woman, who just so happens to have Trichotillomania

June 20, 2018

YOU DESERVE TO BE Meet Kelsey, she’s a Keen family member, a volunteer for TLC Foundation for Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs) and an advocate for BFRB awareness. I met Kelsey through a mutual friend at the 2016 TLC conference. A year later, Kelsey gave a speech to share her journey and trichotillomania solution. In her … Continue reading Community Spotlight: Kelsey: A Renaissance Woman, who just so happens to have Trichotillomania

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How to stop what you’re doing and think about what you’re being.

June 14, 2018

YOU DESERVE TO BE Yesterday’s “To Do” list was so never-ending that I never got around to writing to you! Lists are my thing – they keep me organized and productive. They also keep me a little over-busy, anxious and exhausted. Which got me thinking about all the “doing” I’m doing and wondering if it’s … Continue reading How to stop what you’re doing and think about what you’re being.

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Guest Post: Tapping Your Way to Freedom from Nail Biting

June 06, 2018

Here at HabitAware, we are big believers in healthy choices. Our smart bracelet, Keen, helps you manage nail biting, hair pulling (trichotillomania), skin picking (dermatillomania), and other unwanted Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors by notifying you of when the (usually) automatic gestures are happening. Once you’re aware, you can make a new choice, and move your … Continue reading Guest Post: Tapping Your Way to Freedom from Nail Biting

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